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  • Season 1
    • Maya's Bunmei
      Episode 13
      Mikaze is defeated, but Bunmei finds that the future is still unaltered and that his encounter with his younger self is the real Nostradamus Key. When he ends up activating the key, the alien invasion begins.
    • The person who killed Junichiro, tried to kill Maya, and is now trying to open the door to hell, has appeared. But Bunmei can't even move. Mothmen and Chupacabra are unleashed, and townspeople cry "Kill the witch!" In the sky above the city, magical lights smash into one another. Ami and the others try to summon Maya's soul, but an unlikely person appears before them...moreless
    • MAYA's death
      Episode 11
      Bunmei and Maya go to Matsushiro City to look for Nostradamus's Key. A legendary mask has been found there. It's said that when it and its partner meet, Minakamiyama will be destroyed. During the investigation, Maya eagerly offers ice cream and other treats, but Bunmei is glum. In his mind he hears again and again the words he's been told: Maya is the key to open the door to hell. Bunmei finally makes his decision.moreless
    • AKARI of fireplace
      Episode 10
    • AKARI of snow
      Episode 9
      Maya's class goes to a special class in spirit summoning. They try to summon the spirit of Jun'ichiro, but instead a young girl named Akari appears. "I want to go home," she cries, and Maya and the others decide to help her find her home. Bunmei says that he'll help too, but then instead agrees to meet with Mikaze. Bunmei is deeply infatuated with Mikaze, and Maya is more than a little annoyed by this. Maya and the others take Akari to the city, but...moreless
    • Mamma AMI~ya!
      Episode 8
      Maya and Ami had a fight. The two of them are avoiding each other at school, looking away whenever they meet. After school, Maya and Fumiaki go to the pasture to look into the cattle mutilations, where they find that all the cows have been drained of blood. Later Maya is called by Ami to the grounds of Minakami shrine. Just as the two are about to speak, they hear Kozue scream!moreless
    • Maya's Amigo
      Episode 7
      Maya meets with Ami's father, Shige. Shige tells scary stories, like the old days, but Maya isn't interested or scared and he’s worried that she's come to hate the occult. And then, news of a mystery circle in the outskirts of Matsushiro!
    • 8/9/10
      fter her near-death experience, Kozue had been acting weirdly. Maya and Ami show her various occult things, but she doesn't respond at all. As a last resort, they make Fumiaki show his spoon bending trick, but it does nothing. They decide to go to the afterlife to bring her back, and with Smile and JK.'s help, they sneak into the school in the middle of the night!moreless
    • 8/2/10
      Maya has given up on Bunmei. She decides to stop the prophesy herself and Bunmei is confused about the sudden change in attitude. Meanwhile, Kozue heads down the path towards the occult... Non-rusting spoons, ghost summoning, tsuchinoko, aliens, poltergeists?! Kozue swears to herself she will see these phenomena firsthand someday! Then the near-death monitor shows a candidate...moreless
    • 7/26/10
    • 7/19/10
    • 7/12/10
    • MAYA's Prophesy
      Episode 1
      The year 1999, seventh month, From the sky shall emerge a great King of Terror. Waldstein Academy in Matsushiro, Nagano Prefecture. AKA "Occult Academy." A famous school where you can study spirits, monsters, UMA (Unidentified MYsterious Animals) and every manner of the occult. One day, a beautiful girl named Kumashiro Maya comes to the school. She is the only daughter of the school principal. Despite the fact that she's attending her father's funeral, she wears a white dress and high heels. In the middle of the funeral, they start to play a message the principal left for the students. Suddenly, the coffin bursts open and the students are attacked by the school president, who is possessed by a dead spirit!moreless