Ocean Girl

Network Ten (ended 1997)





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  • Ocean Girl tells the story of Neri, a girl who lives on an island, and the friends she makes on a nearby underwater science station.

    We are introduced to Neri as she lives on a deserted island somewhere in the vicinity of Australia. She swims in the ocean and talks only with her best friend, a humpback whale named Charley. At the nearby underwater ORCA (Oceanic Research Station of Australia) science station, Dr. Dianne Bates, a whale researcher, arrives with her two young sons, Jason and Brett, to live and work. After Jason sees Neri in the water, Jason, Brett and others become involved with the mystery of who Neri and where she comes from. The show has elements of humor and suspense with a great family dynamic. This show would be a good fit for people interested in marine biology and other subjects of the aquatic variety.
  • Great

    i am agree that this was one of the shows that I would wait all week to see because the actors were greit especially Marzena Godecki who should have played more episotes in this serial and i like idea about ocean lab which was amazing and good thinking. I dlike to watch more of serials like this and i would record every episode. The characters were great as and i have no idea why does Ocean Girl havent been so popular or even famous.
    I would recommend this show to everyone because i was enjoying everytime by watching it and i like the Neris island.

    I give Perfect score as this movie deservs on it
  • Awesome show...

    This was one of the shows that I would wait all week to see and would record every episode. The characters were great and easy to like and the idea of an underwater lab was amazing to think about. Not only did you have the techno lab to wander around in but you also had Neri's island get away to explore.
    I would recommend this show to anyone. It sparked the imagination inside me and I know it will for others.