Ocean Girl

Season 3 Episode 22

The Safe Deposit Key

Aired Unknown Feb 02, 1997 on Network Ten



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    • Neri: Mera and I, we have a plan.
      Mera: To get the key while your father sleeps.
      Lena: Go to the house? No.
      Mera: It will only be a small party. Just us.
      Lena: It's too dangerous. I couldn't.
      Mera: I know it's hard, but you can't put loyalty to him ahead of the destruction he's causing.

    • Dianne: It's so wonderful to see you again.
      Mera: And you, Mother.
      Winston: Ha ha. The lark sings sweetest when all her chicks are home.
      Mera: It's good to be back.
      Dianne: We could certainly do with your help.
      Mera: I wish that you did not. Your people have caused this. The sea is dying, and other worlds will die with it.
      Neri: Sister!
      Mera: I do not blame you, Mother. But there is so much to lose.

    • Mera: You have done well, Sister.
      Neri: But we must do more if we are to save this world and our own.

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