Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 8

A Wrong Friend

Full Episode: A Wrong Friend


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Shersheba makes a surprise visit to ORCA and Dianne gives Jason the task of showing her around the station. Louis pesters Winston about the magnetic anomaly and threatens to tell his father, ORCA's second in command, until Cass brings up the matter of Louis' use excessive of his father's credit card. Shersheba asks Jason to give her a tour of the reef which he reluctantly agrees to do. While watching Shersheba dive, Jason jumps in after her when she appears to be drowning. Jason is unable to find Shersheba but she is pulled to safety by Neri who Charlie called away from the pyramid to help. Back in the boat, Malakat suddenly appears and Shersheba quickly recovers. A struggle ensues but Jason and Neri are able to push Malakat and Shersheba overboard. As Jason and Neri make their escape, Neri comes to the realization that Malakat and Shersheba are from the Planet of the Oceans. Back in their seaside residence, Malakat is able to discover the location of the underwater pyramid using information Shersheba acquired while at ORCA.moreless
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