Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 22

Before the Countdown

Full Episode: Before the Countdown


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As the red virus spreads through the ocean, Jason must restrain Neri from going to Charlie's aid. Through the secret passage from her cell, Mera gains access to the central core of the pyramid and uses it's power to send a telepathic message to Neri. Richter, along with Paul and Brett Bates once again are before Madam President of the Global Union but this time, with the red virus unleashed, she grants Praxis the authority to attack the pyramid. Shersheba encounters Neri in the ocean, she demands that Neri hand over the ankh to ensure the safety of both Earth and the Ocean Planet. When Neri goes to ORCA, she is spotted by Louis who quickly informs agent Shelby, but Helen soon erases all traces of Neri's arrival, affectively destroying Louis' credibility with Shelby. Jason goes to the underwater pyramid to deliver the terms under which Neri will hand over the ankh to Malakat.moreless
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