Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 11


Full Episode: Cheat


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Neri is taken back to Praxis headquarters where she is interrogated. Neri's captures prompts Jason to put the Ankh out of reach of Malakat and Shersheba, he drops it into the deep ocean. Neri's deteriorating condition and Praxis's uncaring treatment of her results in Hauser developing a sympathetic attitude towards Neri. By showing Jason footage of Neri from Praxis's own security cameras, Shersheba convinces Jason that she and Malakat have Neri and offers to return her in exchange for the Ankh. Jason and Brett arrive at the transfer location but Shersheba, disguised as Neri, grabs the Ankh and runs back to Malakat, at which time they discover the Ankh to be a copy. Later, Shersheba sneaks back onto ORCA and, with help from Louis, is able to discover the location of the real Ankh. She retrieves it and returns triumphantly to Malakat.moreless
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