Ocean Girl

Season 3 Episode 20


Full Episode: Eavesdropper


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Kal is in the lap of luxury at UBRI, his room filled with all sorts of toys and games. Kellar, making reference to his failed relationship with Lena, angers Dr. Hellegren by suggesting he is treating Kal like an "obedient son." Hoping to find out where UBRI is keeping Kal, Cass and Brett take to the ORCA air ducts planning to break into UBRI's offices on OCRA. Discovered by UBRI security, they must quickly retreat at which time Brett loses his ID. UBRI identifies the intruders from Brett's ID and Dr. Hellegren seizes upon the opportunity to help him return Kal to his friends. About to release Kal, Dr. Hellegren tells him he is to discover where Neri keeps the pieces of Synchronium and report back to him, he also teaches Kal how to lie, and again promises Kal control of the island if he cooperates. Cass and Brett return to the air ducts in onother attempt to find out where Kal is being kept. Kellar is prepared and makes sure the two can hear her as she describes in detail UBRI's plans to relocate Kal. Using this information, the kids are able to "rescue" Kal from the UBRI truck transporting him. Back on the island, Brett says he is glad things are "back to normal" but at the same time, Kal is swimming out to talk to Dr. Hellegren who is disguised as a fisherman nearby.moreless
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