Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 1

Operation Sphinx

Full Episode: Operation Sphinx


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Brett and Jason are out testing a new diving suit when Jason encounters a strange bright light while under water, the pair quickly leave and head off to see Neri. Back on ORCA, Winston is puzzled by a magnetic anomaly on his scans of the ocean floor, even more strange is that the anomaly is in the shape of a perfect square. Dianne announces that she is going to pursue the vacant position of ORCA Commander. Jason matches the location of Winston's magnetic anomaly to where he saw the strange lights, Neri is also intrigued by the region prompting a closer investigation of the region. Neri swims out to the sight with Jason and Winston following in the minifin, ORCA's new underwater submarine. What they find surprises everyone—a huge underwater pyramid. Meanwhile, at Praxis headquarters (Preventative Response And eXtraterritorial Intelligence Service), agents Jake Shelby and Elly Hauser are dispatched to Egypt where reports suggest signals from outerspace are being received. In Egypt, Professor Malakat and his young assistant continue their search for the underwater entrance to the "Pyramid of Mystery".moreless
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