Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 7

The Bug

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Praxis closes in and apprehends the kids at the farm. Jason and Brett are returned to ORCA while Neri is transported, by boat, to Praxis headquarters. En route, Charlie jostles the boat allowing Neri to escape and jump overboard.Cass locates the bug Praxis used to follow Jason, Brett, and Neri to the farm—it was hidden in Jason's watch. Jason, Neri and Brett return to the underwater pyramid, placing the Praxis transmitter on Charlie as a decoy. Activating the holographic image of Shalamorn, her message informs Neri of a crisis on the Ocean planet and tells her that she is a princess destined to lead her people. Meanwhile, Malakat and Shersheba have arrived in Australia to begin their search for the underwater pyramid.moreless
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