Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 10

The History of the Whale Woman

Full Episode: The History of the Whale Woman


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Jakamarra takes Jason and Neri to where he has hidden the Golden Ankh. Malakat is able to determine the location of the cave in the outback and informs Praxis of the Neri's whereabouts. Brett interrupts a meeting between Malakat and agents Shelby and Hauser with an anonymous phone call to inform them that Malakat and Shersheba are aliens themselves. Shelby and Hauser track Neri and Jason through the outback, and after being joined by Malakat and Shersheba, they find Jason, Neri and Jakamarra and close in. Agent Hauser pursues the kids up a cliff face but she slips at the top. Neri sees Hauser slip and goes back to rescue her allowing Agent Shelby to close in and apprehend her. Shersheba takes possession of the Ankh but Jakamarra steps in to grab it and tosses it to Jason. Jason's father arrives by helicopter and Neri tells Jason to escape with the Ankh. Reluctantly, Jason boards the helicopter and must watch as Neri is taken away by Praxis.moreless
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