Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 9

The Hunt for the Golden Ankh

Full Episode: The Hunt for the Golden Ankh


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Praxis's return to ORCA prompts Cass and Brett to seek Winston's help to delete all of Helen's records of Neri. Louis observes them through the airduct and informs Shelby and Hauser of what is happening but by the time the agents react, all of the records have been erased. Neri and Jason dive to the underwater pyramid, Neri activates the Shalamorn hologram and the pair are told about a rebel faction on the Ocean Planet that is opposed to a peaceful migration to earth. Soon after Malakat and Shersheba arrive and tell Neri and Jason of their own plans, as part of the rebel group, to use the power of the pyramid to melt Earth's polar icecap to prepare the planet for their people's arrival. Malakat also tells Neri that he caused the spacecraft that she and her father were on to crash to earth. Malakat demands the Golden Ankh be tuned over to him, but Neri and Jason escape through the water gate. They emerge in the same cave in the outback that they were in before and find Jakamarra waiting for them.moreless
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