Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 24

The Ice Melts

Full Episode: The Ice Melts


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With the melting of the polar icecaps well under way, Malakat prepares for the invasion of Earth with seeming ambivalence towards the red virus. Shersheba challenges Malakat to create of cure for the virus immediately and using the power of the pyramid he does. Shersheba quickly releases it into the ocean but the red virus begins to mutate and soon grows stronger, surpassing even the pyramid's ability to stop it. Unaware of Malakat's efforts, Neri goes to the pyramid to plead for him to stop the virus. Malakat orders her to be killed but Shersheba intervenes saying that he cannot kill the chosen one—Neri escapes as they argue. As Neri, Mera and Jason walk along the beach pondering their next move, Neri wonders if perhaps Charlie may hold the answer.moreless
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