Ocean Girl

Season 3 Episode 22

The Safe Deposit Key

Full Episode: The Safe Deposit Key


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The cadets' exam results are in and after looking at hers, Sallyanne tells Jason he would be better off with another partner. Mera reveals to Neri and her friends that Charlie's song is the trigger that activates the Synchronium. Kal overhears this and quickly goes to tell Dr. Hellegren. Hellegren meanwhile has to contend with his financiers who are anxious for results. Mera is taken to ORCA and introduced to Benny, Cass and Lena. Neri and Mera talk Lena into stealing the key her father wears around his neck—it is the only way to gain access to the Synchronium that UBRI has. Outside the Hellegren home, Kal makes a surprise appearance wanting to help. After Lena gets them into the house and Neri is about to get the key, Kal intentionally knocks over a vase waking Hellegren. They are all able to escape but do not get the key. Disappointed about her scholastic performance so far, Sallyanne wants to quit but decides against it after saving Jason when a bulkhead is breached.moreless
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