Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 14

The Snake Bite

Full Episode: The Snake Bite


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Jason and Winston climb the mountain on Neri's island to install surveillance equipment. Making their descent, Winston is bitten by a snake and falls the rest of the way down. Meanwhile back on ORCA, technicians are preparing to upgrade Helen but when they shut her down improperly, the entire station loses power. Neri and Brett trek across the island for a rare flower that can counteract the snake venom while Cass leads the effort to get Helen back online. On the distant Planet of the Oceans, a fast acting virus has ravaged the world's oceans and Malakat, as the leader of the rebel faction, plans an invasion of the Earth. On ORCA, a signal from deep space has been picked up by the receiver on Neri's island—it is Malakat scanning for any signs of the underwater pyramid.moreless
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