Ocean Girl

Season 4 Episode 3

The Transport

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Neri, Jason, and Brett wander into an archaeological dig and meet Professor Malakat and Shersheba. Finding the minifin abandoned, Winston tracks the signal from Brett's vid-phone to the Middle East, but discounts his findings as a phantom signal. Back in Egypt, Malakat begins to take an interest in the travelers he's taken in, he has Shersheba befriend Jason hoping to find out more about Neri. Jason is able to make a quick phone call to ORCA and tells Cass where they are. From an analysis of the material in Neri's clothes, Malakat determines that she is not from Earth and when Shelby and Hauser enter the camp, he directs the agents to the kids. The agents contact Dianne promising to send them back to Australia, then says that Neri will have to stay behind due to problems verifying her identity. Forced to make a quick escape, Jason commandeers a jeep and the trio drive off, joining a tour group headed back to the "Pyramid of Mystery."moreless
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