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Ocean Star

Network Ten (ended 2003)


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Ocean Star

Show Summary

Trent and Dylan Steadman love living their lives as typical city kids, but when their mother sends them off to live with their father in a small town, they are not happy. Things are worse than they expected them to be and talk about the local kids. Trent meets Clive, a man who claims he lost the 'Ocean Star' when his pearling lugger was sunk in a cyclone forty years ago. Trent decides to search for the Ocean Star himself since he has nothing better to do. Little does he know that this adventure will take him and his friends beyond imagination.
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  • Ocean Star is a series about a bunch of kids who go on the ultimate adventure of finding the Ocean Star.

    Ocean Star aired in 2003 and ended that same year. It was a thirteen episode series which was quite short. Never underestimate short shows because they can be spectacular, just like Ocean Star.

    I was pretty sad when the show ended and i was hoping that they would make a new season, but it looks like they wont. The show just keeps re-airing here in Australia.
  • Some kids who live in a country town bay go the a mistic journy to look for the long lost \"Ocean Star\"

    Trent and his brother have been dumping in a country town by the bay while their parents go on a holiday to France. They lice with their step Dad who doesn\'t know them at all. While trying to make friends, he learns about the Ocean Star, a treasure that went down with the ship \"The Turth be Told\" he and a group go on an amazing journy to find it but is often stopped ny the snotty stuck up rich girl. Taria. She always gets her way but can Trent and his friends break through and find the Ocean Star????moreless