Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch

Sunday 10:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Jul 11, 2010 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Come Sail Away
      Come Sail Away
      Episode 10
      Chad Ochocinco must choose between fiery passion and a close mental connection. Will the underdog pull off an upset, or can the favorite take home the win?
    • Family Matters
      Family Matters
      Episode 9
      Drama erupts between Rubi and Tara when Chad Ochocinco brings the remaining 4 ladies to Florida.
    • Analyze This
      Analyze This
      Episode 8
      Chad brings along the girls in the final four on a trip home to Cincinnati. He has a little surprise for them there, as he has enlisted the help of a psychologist to check out his four potential ladies. He gives an in-depth analysis of each girl to try to find the best one for Chad, but one of the girls leads to an unexpected reaction and an even more unexpected elimination.moreless
    • Winter Wonderland
      Ochocinco is down to his final six girls, and the decisions are getting even tougher and the competition is getting hotter. The girls get the pampered treatment at a Bevery Hills salon. Chad takes two girls on a trip with him to a winter wonderland, where they enjoy the snow and penguins. The girls who were left behind try to plot a way to win him over. The seasons change as he takes the final two matched girls to a tropical paradise date.moreless
    • It's Cold In Them Hills
      Chad is down to his last 8 girls, and the competition is getting fierce. Chad takes his ladies away from the spotlight to a mountain retreat, hoping to get to know them better and show the real side of himself. He opens up to the girls, and hopes that they will open up in return, but some give him the cold shoulder. He has to make a cut as the competition starts winding down.moreless
    • Airing Out the Laundry
      Chad brings along the remaining 10 to the beach for a day of fun. They enjoy the sun and sand, play some football, and get to know each other. He picks two of the ladies to accompany him on a date in Beverly Hills, where he opens up about himself and his past. He brings 2 more ladies to one of his favorite places, and the location is unexpected.moreless
    • Gone Too Soon
      Gone Too Soon
      Episode 4
      11 ladies are left to fight for Chad’s heart, and he is definitely feeling a connection with quite a few of them, so it’s any girl’s game at this point. Chad tries to get the girls to show him their personalities, since he wants a girl that will keep him interested past their appearance. One of the contestants is blindsided in the elimination proceedings, and a family emergency makes one girl question if she should leave.moreless
    • Viva Las Ocho!
      Viva Las Ocho!
      Episode 3
      In this episode, Chad takes two girls on a gambling trip in the city of sin, Las Vegas. They live the high life in Vegas, but will what happens in Vegas stay in Vegas? Ochocinco has to make a difficult decision between two polar opposites, and the elimination gets emotional. When two girls have to hit the road, the house gets divided and the competition escalates.moreless
    • Sweet 16
      Sweet 16
      Episode 2
      The contestants are down to a sweet sixteen, and the ladies are all battling for Ochocinco’s heart. He splits them into two teams of eight, and puts them to war against their teammates to be the last one standing. The winner gets a date with Ocho, but they soon realize that it can also make things more difficult. Ocho sends two girls home, hearts break and tensions rise as the competition continues.moreless
    • Episode 101
      Episode 101
      Episode 1
      Chad Ochocinco starts his quest to find love with nearly 100 potential contestants.
    • Fielding His Team
      In VH1’s dating elimination show Ochocinco: The Ultimate Catch, girls are going head to head to compete for the love of NFL superstar, Chad Ochocinco. Of course the eccentric and wacky football player isn’t going to do this the normal way, and the competition is going to go bigger than any before. In this first episode, Ocho has a whole field of 85 hopefuls that he puts to challenges including jumping jacks, celebration dances, and trash talking. He whittles the field down to 17 girls who will join him in his Beverly Hills estate to compete for his love.moreless