October Road

Season 2 Episode 13

As Soon as You Are Able

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

Episode Recap

Aubrey is disappointed when Nick explains that he isn't ready to tell his friends and family that he is leaving Knights Ridge. Nick goes home where he admits the truth and leaves everyone disappointed, except The Commander, who wants Nick to go away so he wouldn't see him during his health problems. Rooster is overjoyed after spending the night with Janet, while she feels uneasy. She's shocked when she learns about Eddie's accident. Eddie admits that he kissed Rory but that it didn't mean anything.

Hannah invites Christine to the engagement party, and later does the same thing with Nick. Ray gives Ikey accolades for bringing Eddie to the hospital, and decides to cut Matt's salary for what he did. Eddie and Ikey bond again. Pizza Girl brings a computer to Eddie's hospital so he Physical Phil could talk to Eddie via a webcam.

Ronnie confides in Aubrey about his life problems. Nick tells Eddie about his departure. He attacks Ray after he thinks he had something to do with Eddie getting beaten up. Ikey reassures Hannah that Ray didn't have Eddie beat up. Janet admits to Eddie that she slept with Rooster after seeing him kiss his high school girlfriend, and he kicks her out of his room.

At Hannah's and Ray's engagement party, Christine feigns happiness over the entire event. The Commander and Leslie inform Hannah about Nick's departure, but Hannah is convinced Nick won't leave. On his way out, Nick reminisces about the times he spent together with his family and friends after returning to Knights Ridge, and decides to stay.

Ronnie pours his heart out to Aubrey, and is shocked when Nick tells him he's staying. Still, Aubrey kisses Ronnie. Janet lies to Hannah that everything is great with Eddie. Nick and Owen finally forgive Ikey and the boys go back to Phil's for another entertaining afternoon. Ray is revealed to be after Eddie's beating after all.
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