October Road

Season 2 Episode 13

As Soon as You Are Able

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Overall, this was a great season finale. All the major characters had some new material that was interesting and unpredictable. Since the finale was two hours long, we were able to see a glimpse of all the different storylines.

    The love story of Nick and Hannah reminds me of Meredith and Derrick in Grey's Anatomy. It is so obvious they love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together. I hope the writers of Oct. Rd. don't make the same mistake as Grey's by dragging out the romance until the audience could care less and loses interest in the relationship. I was glad to see Nick's brother, Ronnie, admitted his feelings for Aubrey. It must've been difficult for him to do. I'm glad Aubrey kissed him so he would not misinterpret words. Kissing is so much more powerful. I was disappointed in Eddie's reaction to Janet's confession. Janet's heartfelt passion for Eddie during her explanation of her unfaithfulness was very moving. This monologue was the acting pinnacle of the entire show. Janet is my favorite actress and character on the show. Eddie was probably on lots of pain medication and wasn't reacting like he would if her were not medicated. Hopefully, next season he'll discover what a gem Janet can be and the sincerity of her love. I was proud that Eddie resisted his old girlfriend, Rory when she 'came on' to him. Maybe his restraint made him angry that Janet couldn't also restrain herself from Rooster. Two faced Ray is my least favorite character. I hope some construction lands on him to get him out of the picture. Hannah is sooo blind when it comes to Ray. How can she believe that sleezebag? It was insightful of Hannah to believe Nick would come through at the end by making the right decision to stay at home. I thought he would leave again for his own selfish career interests. My other favorite character is pizza girl. She is so cheerful, zany, and lively that I find myself smiling whenever she is in a scene. I hope her boyfriend finds a good reason to finally come out of the house next season. The mystery of Sam's father was still not revealed. We will become frustrated if too many loose endings keep hanging while more and more new stories are being created. We still have the story lines of the commander's cancer, his relationship with Leslie, the reconciliation of Ikey and Owen, the status of Owen's marriage, the creeps who beat up Eddie, Aubrey's dad, Ray's ex-wife Christine's revenge, the marriage of Hannah and Big Cat.
  • Sucky.

    Overall, as a series finale, this episode left everything to be desires. Almost nothing is resolved, and it almost makes me feel as if I never should have tried to watch the show. It always had a great feel to it, but it just left me with almost nothing to feel.

    Nick and Hannah didn't end up together, that's the biggest problem. We though Ray got better which I didn't like, but then it was revealed he was bad after all. I also didn't like that Owen forgave Ikey already, but the ending scene was worth it, I guess.

    Janet and Eddie were left on a really bad scene as well, and so did The Commander. So, overall, it never should have ended like this.
  • Horrible series finale!

    Really?...Pretty disappointing as a series finale! If it had just been a season finale it would have been pretty good but that was a bad way to end the series. They left way to many questions unanswered! Does aubrey choose nick or his brother? Will Hannah go through with the wedding or realize she still loves Nick? And who on earth is Sam's real father? What happens with Eddie and Janet? I guess we'll never know... Everyone knows that Nick and Hannah were meant to be together and I thought for sure they would get together by the end of the show...I just didn't think the end would be so soon! And we all know that Gavin isn't really Sam's father...but who could it be.. Nick or Eddie? I definitely don't think they should have ended it like that!!!!
  • Series finale.

    A beautiful series finale of October Road, well more of a season finale. What people don't seem to get is that they didn't film this episode thinking this would be the last episode of the series, this was intended to be a season finale, regardless of that, I loved how it ended. With Ronnie & Aubrey kissing, Eddie & Janet breaking up, Owen forgiving Ikey, Nick staying at the Ridge, most of the story lines this season were tied up here, and quite nicely.

    The last scene of this show was just amazing, and I'm really going to miss this show's humor and drama. The guys air jamming together was really great, and it just came full circle from the first episode. Everything that Hannah said, Janet made it about herself which I hated, and she definitely got what she deserved.

    Even though some story lines were tied up in this finale, we still don't know who Sam's father, and of course Phil is still a shut in, which I'm sure we all expected to overcome that in the finale, but it was still perfect regardless. Now I'm off to watch the real series finale, the ten minute wrap up, but all in all, this was an amazing finale to an amazing show.
  • Disappointing.

    Engagement Party: With the upcoming engagement party of Hannah and Ray and the recent beat down of Eddie, will it go on? Hannah is having speculations on whether Big Cat had anything to do with the ambush and let's face it, she's not the only one and for a good reason; Big Cat hates Eddie's guts.

    Hospital Boy: Eddie is stuck in bed and it just so happens it is way easier to confess to a guy who's helpless. Nick confronts him about his departure, Ikey about everything that has been happening in the past season and one more person I dare not mention, and it's not really that obvious.

    Drastic Decisions: Nick makes one huge decision that changes everything. Ronnie makes a confession that could hurt his brother. Eddie may have just made the biggest mistake of his life.

    The episode was a little disappointing, sure it had the finale feel, but it was everything that I would hate in a finale. Everything was coming by so fast, the only thing I liked about this episode was the Janet and Eddie scene.
  • Hannah and Ray throw an engagement party. Janet Confesses to Eddie about cheating on him. Ronnie declares his love for Aubrey.

    I loved the season finale, I think it had everything a season finale should. A couple of storylines ended, but there were still so many things left unended. This was for certain a season finale, not a series finale. I loved how Janet told Eddie the truth, as much as I hated what followed, it could have ended much worse if she kept it from him. I hated the scene between them in the hospital, but it was well acted, and very well written. I loved Ronnie's confession to Aubrey, so sweet and you could tell he was so nervous. I loved that Nick came back, the scene between him and his father, was my favorite scene of the episode by far, it makes me cry every time I watch it. I love that Hannah knew Nick would return, she had faith in him, the line about it taking him 10 years, 10 hours or 10 minutes was great. I loved how Hannah gave the Commander the 10 while he was hugging Nick, I was crying, but that made me smile. I think the season finale was great with Ikey getting back in the band, and the song Rolling with Changes by REO Speedwagon playin was absolutely perfect. I hope we get a season 3 so that we can see these storylines revolve! We need to find out who Sam's dad is, personally I am hoping for Nick, we need to see Nick and Hannah back together, Janet and Eddie back together, Ronnie and Aubrey start their relationship. Owen needs to reconcile with his wife, the Commander needs to get healthy and Ikey needs to get a girl of his own. These are many unanswered questions, so we need a season 3!
  • Season finale

    I wasn't sure I really liked this show at the beginning of the season. At times, it seems too predictable and had almost a soap opera feel to it. However, I have gotten drawn in. The last several episodes have been well written and the depth of the character development has been superb. In this season finale, my favorite scene was probably when The Commander told his family about his cancer. It was so real and heart wrenching. I was also happy to see Ikey brought back into the fold. The last scene with Ray made me want to reach through the TV and grab him by the neck. It's hard for me to believe that Hannah is so taken in by him. She seems to have been instincts than that. However, the scene that bother me the most was Janet sleeping with Rooster. It was out of character and very disappointing. Overall, it's been a good season and I will tune in again next season. Maybe they'll get around to revealing Sam's father.
  • Good season finale but could of had a little more to keep to hanging like other finales!!

    I do really like what they did with the second season finale but i do wish they added a little more to keep us on our toes and hope for more to come in the third season, but dont get me wrong i love this show and want more seasons just wish they could of added a little more dhrama to the finale to make me even more hurgry then i already am for a third season but all in all this was a pretty good show, cant wait for season three, hopefully they'll come back with at least another season!
  • Review

    If this was just any normal episode I would have likely given it somewhere in between a 9.2 and a 9.4. Couple of things I liked and a couple of things that I didnt like. Didnt like Eddies major flip out - didn't seem very in character for him. I likely could have accepted it if he wasnt laughing at the guys playing the instaments only minutes later. I liked the 14 episode circle of Ikey and Owen hating each other come to an end. Aubrey kisses Nicks sister right after he decides to stay in town - not a fan of that storyline. The scene between Nick and Ray was one of the best. It does seem like the writing always seems to dictate Ray as the winner whenever someone gets in his face. He is never one-uped by anyone. Nick showed up for a reason and despite using the same "I'll bury you, kid" line that Ray used on him in the beginning of the season I still say Ray walked away in that moment with more then Nick got out of it. I was looking for a blockbuster ending, but didn't get one. Overall, solid episode but just didnt function well as the season finale. Felt like more of a preimere episode to tell you the truth, but I have my expectations low when it comes to this show anyway. It was good enough.
  • Not a very Strong Season Finale

    I usually like this show, when it first started. I was drawn to it. But I will admit that it has gotten on my nerves. One of the reasons I watched was "Janet and Eddie", but they messed them up. Altough it was an interesting twist that she was the one that hurt him, but did she have to have sex with Rooster, she could have more respect for herself. Not that there is anything wrong with Rooster, but to jump into to bed with someone you really don't like? Come on! Janet was written as someone with a lot of self respect, when the show first started, then they had her being so in secure. You know there are some plus-sized women who not only feel "worthy" of being with "the football capitan" , but also know that he is damn lucky to have them. And Hannah and Ray, please if this show returns next season, if she does not open her eyes and see him for who he is in the 1st show, then I am done. I can not watch Laura, who I loved on "That's 70's show", being played any more, also Who is Sam's father? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!
    I do love Aubrey and the way she says "Dude" all of time, now she has stayed strong through out and I hope that does not change. I know with the Writer's Strike season's were cut short and I hope that ABC gives the show the chance to "BRING IT" next season, just please really Bring it!