October Road

Season 2 Episode 13

As Soon as You Are Able

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Not a very Strong Season Finale

    I usually like this show, when it first started. I was drawn to it. But I will admit that it has gotten on my nerves. One of the reasons I watched was "Janet and Eddie", but they messed them up. Altough it was an interesting twist that she was the one that hurt him, but did she have to have sex with Rooster, she could have more respect for herself. Not that there is anything wrong with Rooster, but to jump into to bed with someone you really don't like? Come on! Janet was written as someone with a lot of self respect, when the show first started, then they had her being so in secure. You know there are some plus-sized women who not only feel "worthy" of being with "the football capitan" , but also know that he is damn lucky to have them. And Hannah and Ray, please if this show returns next season, if she does not open her eyes and see him for who he is in the 1st show, then I am done. I can not watch Laura, who I loved on "That's 70's show", being played any more, also Who is Sam's father? ENOUGH ALREADY!!!!!!!
    I do love Aubrey and the way she says "Dude" all of time, now she has stayed strong through out and I hope that does not change. I know with the Writer's Strike season's were cut short and I hope that ABC gives the show the chance to "BRING IT" next season, just please really Bring it!