October Road

Season 2 Episode 13

As Soon as You Are Able

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Overall, this was a great season finale. All the major characters had some new material that was interesting and unpredictable. Since the finale was two hours long, we were able to see a glimpse of all the different storylines.

    The love story of Nick and Hannah reminds me of Meredith and Derrick in Grey's Anatomy. It is so obvious they love each other, but they just can't seem to get it together. I hope the writers of Oct. Rd. don't make the same mistake as Grey's by dragging out the romance until the audience could care less and loses interest in the relationship. I was glad to see Nick's brother, Ronnie, admitted his feelings for Aubrey. It must've been difficult for him to do. I'm glad Aubrey kissed him so he would not misinterpret words. Kissing is so much more powerful. I was disappointed in Eddie's reaction to Janet's confession. Janet's heartfelt passion for Eddie during her explanation of her unfaithfulness was very moving. This monologue was the acting pinnacle of the entire show. Janet is my favorite actress and character on the show. Eddie was probably on lots of pain medication and wasn't reacting like he would if her were not medicated. Hopefully, next season he'll discover what a gem Janet can be and the sincerity of her love. I was proud that Eddie resisted his old girlfriend, Rory when she 'came on' to him. Maybe his restraint made him angry that Janet couldn't also restrain herself from Rooster. Two faced Ray is my least favorite character. I hope some construction lands on him to get him out of the picture. Hannah is sooo blind when it comes to Ray. How can she believe that sleezebag? It was insightful of Hannah to believe Nick would come through at the end by making the right decision to stay at home. I thought he would leave again for his own selfish career interests. My other favorite character is pizza girl. She is so cheerful, zany, and lively that I find myself smiling whenever she is in a scene. I hope her boyfriend finds a good reason to finally come out of the house next season. The mystery of Sam's father was still not revealed. We will become frustrated if too many loose endings keep hanging while more and more new stories are being created. We still have the story lines of the commander's cancer, his relationship with Leslie, the reconciliation of Ikey and Owen, the status of Owen's marriage, the creeps who beat up Eddie, Aubrey's dad, Ray's ex-wife Christine's revenge, the marriage of Hannah and Big Cat.