October Road

Season 2 Episode 13

As Soon as You Are Able

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Hannah and Ray throw an engagement party. Janet Confesses to Eddie about cheating on him. Ronnie declares his love for Aubrey.

    I loved the season finale, I think it had everything a season finale should. A couple of storylines ended, but there were still so many things left unended. This was for certain a season finale, not a series finale. I loved how Janet told Eddie the truth, as much as I hated what followed, it could have ended much worse if she kept it from him. I hated the scene between them in the hospital, but it was well acted, and very well written. I loved Ronnie's confession to Aubrey, so sweet and you could tell he was so nervous. I loved that Nick came back, the scene between him and his father, was my favorite scene of the episode by far, it makes me cry every time I watch it. I love that Hannah knew Nick would return, she had faith in him, the line about it taking him 10 years, 10 hours or 10 minutes was great. I loved how Hannah gave the Commander the 10 while he was hugging Nick, I was crying, but that made me smile. I think the season finale was great with Ikey getting back in the band, and the song Rolling with Changes by REO Speedwagon playin was absolutely perfect. I hope we get a season 3 so that we can see these storylines revolve! We need to find out who Sam's dad is, personally I am hoping for Nick, we need to see Nick and Hannah back together, Janet and Eddie back together, Ronnie and Aubrey start their relationship. Owen needs to reconcile with his wife, the Commander needs to get healthy and Ikey needs to get a girl of his own. These are many unanswered questions, so we need a season 3!