October Road

Season 2 Episode 13

As Soon as You Are Able

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Series finale.

    A beautiful series finale of October Road, well more of a season finale. What people don't seem to get is that they didn't film this episode thinking this would be the last episode of the series, this was intended to be a season finale, regardless of that, I loved how it ended. With Ronnie & Aubrey kissing, Eddie & Janet breaking up, Owen forgiving Ikey, Nick staying at the Ridge, most of the story lines this season were tied up here, and quite nicely.

    The last scene of this show was just amazing, and I'm really going to miss this show's humor and drama. The guys air jamming together was really great, and it just came full circle from the first episode. Everything that Hannah said, Janet made it about herself which I hated, and she definitely got what she deserved.

    Even though some story lines were tied up in this finale, we still don't know who Sam's father, and of course Phil is still a shut in, which I'm sure we all expected to overcome that in the finale, but it was still perfect regardless. Now I'm off to watch the real series finale, the ten minute wrap up, but all in all, this was an amazing finale to an amazing show.