October Road

Season 1 Episode 5

Forever. Until Now

Aired Unknown Apr 19, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Nick and Aubrey walk into the hospital and Nick asks how Sam is, The Commander tells him he is not sure and The Dean says the doctors think there is internal bleeding from the fall Sam took off of his bike. They tell Nick when they heard the car screech they ran out and Sam wasn't breathing right, and that caused him to blackout. Janet says that happened because of his peanut allergy, Owen is very upset when that is said and as everyone discusses Sam usually being so careful about his peanut allergy we see Owen having a flash back of him putting Alison's macadamia peanut butter cake frosting on Sam. Aubrey notices Owen and asks if he is okay and Allison says, "He's a dad."

Eddie walks down the stairs to see a smiling Phil and a sleeping Pizza Girl on the couch. Eddie smiles at Phil and then walks out. Pizza Girl wakes up and Phil asks if she is comfortable, and she says she likes it there in his arms. She then has to leave for work and Phil says "I am generally crazy about this girl" and Pizza Girl asks who he is talking to and he tells her Tom, his invisible friend. Pizza Girl looks out the window and says she can't believe a Frat House moved in to the neighborhood when she sees the group of guys wrestling on their front lawn.

Hannah is walking down the hospital hall back to everyone and Janet asks how Sam is. Hannah says he just got out of a cat scan and his bleeding is getting worse and they must operate on him. Nick asks if he will be okay and Hannah tells him that there was a team of doctors and not one of them said he will be fine. Nick talks to The Commander about Sam and says that if something happens to him, the fact that he missed out on the last 10 years, and The Commander interrupts with "Missing out on 10 years with your son, nothing easy about that."

In a hall Owen stops a doctor and asks if he is in charge of Sam and the doctor tells him yes, they are heading into surgery. Owen asks if he will be okay and the doctor says he is in very good hands. Then Owen tells him he thinks he knows what caused the allergic reaction, the macadamia peanut butter cake frosting and that he accidentally gave it to him. The doctor says he understands and walks off. The Commander, The Dean, and Aubrey tell Nick they are leaving, Aubrey says she'll be back later.

At Phil's, he is telling Pizza Girl they "should do this again sometime" and she says she'd love to and asks about going to a museum. Phil's face drops and Pizza Girl apologizes. Phil says its okay and he owns a remastered version, never opened, of what she wants to see and they could watch it together there. They go to kiss, but are interrupted when one of the Frat Boys, Chuck, knocks and introduces himself. He then asks Phil for sugar, which is exciting for Phil, because he didn't know neighbors still do that. When Phil goes to get the sugar, Chuck says "You are the pizza delivery chick aren't you...nice.", then says he loves pizza. Phil returns with the sugar and says he seemed like a nice enough guy, and hopes he returns for an egg.

Hannah is waiting in the hospital and tells Nick he doesn't have to stay. Nick says he wants to and Sam is his friend. Hannah then mentions a stuffed toy Sam never sleeps without and Janet says she will go and get it, and on her way out she runs into Eddie. He asks her how Sam is and she says "touch and go". Eddie tries to tell Janet about the party, but she stops him and says getting Sam's toy is more important to her then hearing his excuse. He asks if he could come along and she says okay. Hannah is sitting down and Owen walks over to her. He says it is all because of him, and he caused the allergic reaction. He explains how the frosting got on his fingers and he played "sticky monster" and put some on Sam's face, and that he wasn't thinking. Hannah slaps him and then he says he knows and she hugs him, then he apologizes.

Nick and Hannah are sitting down waiting and a man asks if there son will be okay and he was there when they brought him in. Nick says he is in Intensive Care and the man says so is his wife of 56 years, Rose. He says the doctors say she isn't in very good shape this time, then asks how old their son is and Hannah says "My son is 10" and gets up.

The Commander and The Dean are at The Commander's house talking over coffee about Nick. She tells him he is getting a chance at a do-over and that not many people get that. The Commander says when Nick was little they did this thing where he would open his arms and say he has hugs for sale and Nick would ask how much and he'd say "this one is for free, but I am charging you double for the next" and then they'd hug.

Back at the hospital Allison asks Owen if he is okay. He tells her how much he loves her and their family and that he can't believe he did something so stupid. Ikey oversees them kissing and looks upset.

Phil is dancing around getting ready for his date with Pizza Girl, when she comes running in and says "unbelievable" she is soaking wet and clearly upset. He asks her what happened, and she says she delivered 10 pizzas to the Frat House where they tossed her around and poured beer on her and they grabbed her and howled. Phil gets extremely mad and picks up a bat and heads toward the door, opens it, and suddenly stops and says he can't do it and they hug.

Over at the hospital Allison tells Owen she is leaving and Ikey says he will walk her out. Owen thanks him and they leave. At Hannah and Sam's, Janet and Eddie search for Sam's toy. Janet says she caused this because she believed in the possibility of her and him and because of that Hannah sent Sam to the party to look for him. Janet says she can't even look at him, and the thing that kills her is that she feels like shes lost a friend, and if you have never been in a relationship, friends are what you cherish. Eddie pulls out the toy from behind his back and that makes her happy. She says Hannah told her that he comes around sometimes to visit with Sam and Eddie says its because Sam doesn't have a dad. Janet says Nick thinks he is Sam's dad and Eddie says he always thought that as well.

Big Cat walks into the hospital and he and Hannah hug. He ask about Sam and says he will be fine, then Nick walks off to grab some coffee. Eddie comes home and sees Phil sitting on the couch, wrapped in a blanket, in the dark. He asks if he heard about Sam and Phil says yes. Eddie asks why he is sitting in the dark, and Phil says what happened to Sam was "very upsetting, but thats not all".

Then, back at the hospital, Nick is at the vending machines when the man from before comes up behinds him. Nick asks if he can buy him a drink and the man asks if they have hot cocoa, Nick says yes, but its probably not good and buys it. The man says Rose always says bad cocoa is better than good tea, then he repeats that they have been married 56 years and talks about how they met. Hannah and Big Cat are talking and he tells her to call him if she needs him and he leaves. Outside, Ikey is leaning in Allison's car and asks if she thinks Sam will be all right, she says she doesn't know. He tells her he wanted to die when he saw Owen all torn up in there. She agrees and says if they don't stop, to much could be lost. She tells him good-bye and thank you and they kiss. Big Cat is standing by watching with a smirk.

Ikey walks back into the hospital and runs into Owen, who is in a hurry and grabs him saying he just got off the phone with Eddie and Phil is in a bad way and they leave. Hannah and Nick are still waiting and she says "This is where he was born." Nick asks if his father was there and Hannah says no. Nick asks about Gavin Goddard and Hannah says not to talk about him then. She asks him if he ever missed her and he says of course. She says she didn't understand how he never came home to her, and all she thought about the entire summer was seeing him again. He said he wanted to call and would reach for the phone, and then he stops.

Owen and Ikey are now at Phil and Eddie's house, asking about Pizza Girl. Owen is upset and Eddie says he is working on revenge, and Phil explains he is trying to shut off the heat, but then Owen throws off his jacket starts yelling and runs out. Phil says to stop him, but they didn't get the chance. Owen runs into the Frat House and is in an angry rage screaming "Prepare for the ouch", then he throws over the poker table and starts beating them up. Eddie and Ikey get in on the action, but then Ikey stops it when he says "They are just kids", Owen lectures them about not doing that again and they leave.

Back at the hospital, Hannah asks the man if there is any word on his wife and he responds "she is still with me, thats all I know". A doctor walks out and says Sam is our of surgery, and Hannah busts through the doors to go see him and Nick follows, a nurse tries to stop him by saying its immediate family only, but they just keep walking. Then, Hannah stops and holds out her hand, and Nick grabs it. They walk the rest of the way together and Nick opens the door to Sam's room for Hannah waits outside. Aubrey walks into the waiting room and asks the man if there is any word on Sam and he says that his parents just went to check on him, he says it was a hard night for them and that they love each other and its as clear as day. She looks upset. Hannah is sitting and talking to a sleeping Sam. Aubrey is now walking home. Nick is calling The Commander from the hospital, and leaves him a message saying Sam is out of surgery. A nurse comes out and asks Nick if the man finally left and Nick tells her he thinks he just went to the bathroom. She sighs and shakes her head, he asks if there is bad news about his wife. She tells him that Rose died 6 days ago, and he hasn't left the hospital since.

Nick sits down and the man returns. Nick says he doesn't mean to be inappropriate, but the nurse told him about Rose. He says he is sorry for his loss and knows it is hard but he should go home. The man tells Nick he thought they'd be together forever, and they did everything together. He doesn't want to leave because it'd be the first time he'd see the world without Rose by his side.

Pizza Girl walks in to Phil's house and is upset that Phil let his friends go to the Frat House. She tells him the fact he doesn't leave the house didn't bother her until now, and she doesn't like fights. Then she storms out. Eddie walks in and apologizes. He hands him a beer and Phil says "We have been living together for 5 years now, when are you gonna remember that I don't drink" and he says he just keeps holding out hope for him.

Now it is the next day and Hannah walks through the doors with a smile and tells Janet and Nick that Sam is okay and through the worst of it. Nick goes to see him and the nurse says "Sorry, but it really is immediate family only", and this time Hannah tells Nick sorry. Then she goes back to Sam and Nick tells Janet to call him if Hannah needs anything. Then he goes to the man and asks him to leave with him. At first the man says he doesn't want to, but then he goes. They walk outside and the man tells Nick more about Rose and that he will find that someday, and when he does it is a gift from God, and that it is in Hannah. He says no, and she doesn't have feeling for him anymore, but the man insists that she does. The man walks off and Nick looks up and sees The Commander who says he has hugs for sale, Nick asks how much and he says free, but double for the next and Nick runs over and hugs him.

Owen is with his kids and the phone rings, it's Big Cat, who says he wants to talk to him and that he has something very interesting to tell him.