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    this is a really hard one for me, october road with the exception of LOST and two and a half men may be the only show were i cant say honestly who my fav is, it is way to hard but im going to try. I like Eddie, i think i relate to him the most, but owen for me draws a close call, the phill but i could make a case for the commander, so ill stick with eddie. who is your fav
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    My favorite is Nick. There is something about the loss of his soul, like he doesn't really know who he is or what he wants to do with his life. Like he is searching for a better version of himself, that I can relate to. I often wonder what I am doing in this world. So I really love Nick, but close behind Nick would be Ronnie. He just makes me laugh! I love how positvie he is all the time and he just constantly makes me smile when he is on the screen. I also really love the way the characters of Nick and Ronnie interact as brothers. It is very realistic, in fact I love watching scenes of all the Garrett men together. But I agree with you Sawyer, all the characters are great. Even though I have a favorite in Nick, I find myself loving and rooting for all the characters (except maybe for Big Cat)!

    Thanks for posting this, I miss just talking about the show and its characters. October Road is a truly great show and I really miss watching it every week!

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