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Submission Guidelines

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    Before submitting any info to the October Road guide, please read the following submission guidelines to prevent errors while submitting to the guide. Thanks!

    Spelling/Copyright: When you contribute any information for the show please make sure that all words are correctly spelled and that the text is not copied from some site, but your own text. Don't copy recaps from other sites (many users did this) and then submit them, because I can find them easily on the web, and I'll be forced to report abuse of the TV.com rules. Also, please don't submit air date to any episode before the actual episode synopsis is released by ABC.

    Duplicate Submissions: First of all, please check the entire guide to see if the information that you are about to submit is already on the site. In many cases people submit info that already was on the site, so I'm forced to reject the submission. So, please check before you submit.

    Submission Errors: Watch carefully where you contribute the information, because I don't want some things to be put where they shouldn't be; I'll be forced to reject them (this also happens a lot--many people don't even realize that they are submitting info to the wrong episode or section).

    Episode Comments: If you have anything to say about a show please talk about it in the 'forum' section. Do not submit your comments about an episode in the 'episode synopsis' or any other section. Just visit the forum. Also, don't comment on an episode before the episode airs. You can comment an upcoming episode in the Pre-Show Buzz section.

    Quotes: One of the things that mostly go wrong while submitting info is the correct formatting of quotes. Please follow the TV.com formatting rules, because otherwise, if I see a quote formatted incorrectly, it makes me think that you copied the info from some other site, what happened in many cases too (or I'll just ask you to re-submit the info using the appropriate formatting). However, the copying isn't such a huge problem, but the formatting, on the other hand, is a big problem.

    Other: While writing a review for an episode, don't write synopsis from the episode. Just write your personal thoughts about the episode, or the show. If you have any questions about the guide, please e-mail me or send me a PM. And remember, if I reject your submission, there will always be a reason why I rejected it. I don't have anything against you or anyone. If by any chance there is no comment on your rejection PM, please PM me back and ask what happened. There are many TV.com bugs that are still making problems on the guides.

    Thanks for reading this. PM me if there something you don't understand or wish to ask.
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