October Road

Season 2 Episode 10

Hat? No Hat?

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2008 on ABC

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    October Road continues to be consistently good but not spectacular, and I could definitely say that this season definitely does not measure up to the outstanding first season. This episode did bring us some humor which is always great to watch. Turns out Hannah isn't as awful as she seems, turns out her mom made up the Gavin Goddard story up. So she gets some redemption there.

    The commercial was absolutely hysterical, Naked Phil was a little ridiculous, as was the random lesbian plot. Did she have to be a lesbian? The moment we think Owen is going to get back up on his feet, he meets a girl who is unavailable. Man, this guy cannot catch a break.

    The last scene was definitely heartwarming and reminded me why I watch this show, it has heart. "The Things You Do For Love" Just a great closing scene and a great tie in with the episode title, very clever. Good episode, but definitely not where the show needs to be right now (especially near the end of the season).
  • Nick finds out he his broke while trying to film a commercial for Best Friend Windows. Hannah's parents come into town for a visit and we learn more about her past and Owen goes on a date with Jenny and learns some startling news about her.

    I feel so bad for Nick in this episode, but that is what happens when you spend money and don't earn any. The store isn't bringing in any money and he isn't writing anymore. I hope this pushes him into writing more. By the way, the commercial Ray did as well as the one Nick and Eddie did, was so cheesy and corny! Lol, I just had so say it. I loved Hannah's parents, we learn that Hannah's mom was the one who came up with the Gavin Goddard cover up and that Hannah knew the father was one of two guys. So who are the two guys, I say one is Nick, but I don't think the other is Eddie. We may never find out. I also love the whole thing with Jenny and Owen and how she is so sweet and he really starts to like her only to find out she is a lesbian. I think it was good for him to gain back some of his confidence but I don't think the writers wanted a woman to get in the way of him getting back with Alison. Favorite lines, one by Eddie followed by Nick "You just hit the trifecta", "Congratulations". Lol, so great. Very informative episode in this amazing show!
  • Not much progress really, but the episode had the humor October Road constantly delivers.

    The Commercial: We find out a few things from the creating of this very expensive commercial, something that could bring the friendship of Eddie and Nick to a deeper level. The whole idea was fun, but they can't keep doing this for all the episodes, I want progress from this show and it seems to only be delivering on an every-day-life type of storyline recently.

    The Parents: Hannah's parents come by for a weekend visit and emotions flare when Hannah and her mother don't seem to be seeing eye-to-eye, leaving her father to be a bridge between the two of them.

    It was certainly interesting learning about Hannah's past and how her parents felt over Nick, plus, I'm really liking Hannah's dad, he seems like one of those anti-annoying, good personalities on the show.

    Hat or No Hat?: Owen goes on a lunch date with life-saver, Jenny. He learns a few things from Jenny and apparently, she has just broken up with her ex, Chris.

    I think what Jenny has done for Owen, other than initially disappointing him is that she gave Owen a different outlook on life, and I think that was what he really needed at the moment.

    Nude is Free: After Pizza Girl decides to take some art lessons and gets homework to illustrate a nude painting, she tries to get Phil to do it. Initially disgusted by the thought, he rejects, but once he got a taste of this nudity, he might never want to let it go.

    This was certainly fun, but I didn't see the point in it.
  • The slide continues...

    Once again I feel that minimal advancement was made to the plotline. What was this episodes purpose. Owen finds a girl that he wants to be with - but she "makes" herself unavailable by being a lesbian. It kinds of makes the last two episodes a little - less important. I know Owen eventually finds what he needs within Jenny to start to move on with his life, but to the viewer of the show it still feels like we were lead down a pathway and everything just kind of got slammed in our face. Pizza Girl and Physical Phil have had a huge problem finding a storyline that is good this season. The first season was fine - because they were just getting to know one another. But Physical Phil simply isn't an interesting or fun character to watch anymore. Its the same thing episode in and episode out. Hannahs storyline was okay, but shes an actress that needs another big name to carry her and I wasnt feeling her in this episode. Who is Sams father still lingers on in everyones mind, which is also getting kind of old. Nicks storyline was good - findind out he was out of money and all that. Overall though, nothing really important here. The show has lost a substantial amount of viewers and the quality of episodes are starting to show how that trend may have come about. Not my favorite storyline.
  • Well, at least we found something out...

    Well, at least we found something out... Hannah's mom is the one who orchestrated the Gavin Goddard story. So now we are lead to believe that either Nick or Eddie is the dad. By the looks of the preview for next week, it seems some things come to light since Janet wants nothing to do with Eddie. As a big Janet/Eddie fan, I'll be sorely disappointed if it turns out Eddie is Sam's dad. Nick has to be the father! Nothing much else happened in this episode. Phys got naked, Owen dated a lesbian, Nick is broke and Nick and Eddie made a very cute, yet very bad, commercial for Best Friend Windows. Overall, cute episode. We found out a few important things in the overall mystery of the show but with only 2 episodes left I hope we'll find out even more soon.