October Road

Season 2 Episode 10

Hat? No Hat?

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2008 on ABC

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  • The slide continues...

    Once again I feel that minimal advancement was made to the plotline. What was this episodes purpose. Owen finds a girl that he wants to be with - but she "makes" herself unavailable by being a lesbian. It kinds of makes the last two episodes a little - less important. I know Owen eventually finds what he needs within Jenny to start to move on with his life, but to the viewer of the show it still feels like we were lead down a pathway and everything just kind of got slammed in our face. Pizza Girl and Physical Phil have had a huge problem finding a storyline that is good this season. The first season was fine - because they were just getting to know one another. But Physical Phil simply isn't an interesting or fun character to watch anymore. Its the same thing episode in and episode out. Hannahs storyline was okay, but shes an actress that needs another big name to carry her and I wasnt feeling her in this episode. Who is Sams father still lingers on in everyones mind, which is also getting kind of old. Nicks storyline was good - findind out he was out of money and all that. Overall though, nothing really important here. The show has lost a substantial amount of viewers and the quality of episodes are starting to show how that trend may have come about. Not my favorite storyline.