October Road

Season 2 Episode 10

Hat? No Hat?

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2008 on ABC

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  • Not much progress really, but the episode had the humor October Road constantly delivers.

    The Commercial: We find out a few things from the creating of this very expensive commercial, something that could bring the friendship of Eddie and Nick to a deeper level. The whole idea was fun, but they can't keep doing this for all the episodes, I want progress from this show and it seems to only be delivering on an every-day-life type of storyline recently.

    The Parents: Hannah's parents come by for a weekend visit and emotions flare when Hannah and her mother don't seem to be seeing eye-to-eye, leaving her father to be a bridge between the two of them.

    It was certainly interesting learning about Hannah's past and how her parents felt over Nick, plus, I'm really liking Hannah's dad, he seems like one of those anti-annoying, good personalities on the show.

    Hat or No Hat?: Owen goes on a lunch date with life-saver, Jenny. He learns a few things from Jenny and apparently, she has just broken up with her ex, Chris.

    I think what Jenny has done for Owen, other than initially disappointing him is that she gave Owen a different outlook on life, and I think that was what he really needed at the moment.

    Nude is Free: After Pizza Girl decides to take some art lessons and gets homework to illustrate a nude painting, she tries to get Phil to do it. Initially disgusted by the thought, he rejects, but once he got a taste of this nudity, he might never want to let it go.

    This was certainly fun, but I didn't see the point in it.