October Road

Season 2 Episode 10

Hat? No Hat?

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2008 on ABC

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  • Nick finds out he his broke while trying to film a commercial for Best Friend Windows. Hannah's parents come into town for a visit and we learn more about her past and Owen goes on a date with Jenny and learns some startling news about her.

    I feel so bad for Nick in this episode, but that is what happens when you spend money and don't earn any. The store isn't bringing in any money and he isn't writing anymore. I hope this pushes him into writing more. By the way, the commercial Ray did as well as the one Nick and Eddie did, was so cheesy and corny! Lol, I just had so say it. I loved Hannah's parents, we learn that Hannah's mom was the one who came up with the Gavin Goddard cover up and that Hannah knew the father was one of two guys. So who are the two guys, I say one is Nick, but I don't think the other is Eddie. We may never find out. I also love the whole thing with Jenny and Owen and how she is so sweet and he really starts to like her only to find out she is a lesbian. I think it was good for him to gain back some of his confidence but I don't think the writers wanted a woman to get in the way of him getting back with Alison. Favorite lines, one by Eddie followed by Nick "You just hit the trifecta", "Congratulations". Lol, so great. Very informative episode in this amazing show!