October Road

Season 2 Episode 10

Hat? No Hat?

Aired Unknown Feb 18, 2008 on ABC

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    October Road continues to be consistently good but not spectacular, and I could definitely say that this season definitely does not measure up to the outstanding first season. This episode did bring us some humor which is always great to watch. Turns out Hannah isn't as awful as she seems, turns out her mom made up the Gavin Goddard story up. So she gets some redemption there.

    The commercial was absolutely hysterical, Naked Phil was a little ridiculous, as was the random lesbian plot. Did she have to be a lesbian? The moment we think Owen is going to get back up on his feet, he meets a girl who is unavailable. Man, this guy cannot catch a break.

    The last scene was definitely heartwarming and reminded me why I watch this show, it has heart. "The Things You Do For Love" Just a great closing scene and a great tie in with the episode title, very clever. Good episode, but definitely not where the show needs to be right now (especially near the end of the season).
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