October Road

Season 2 Episode 5

Once Around the Block

Aired Unknown Dec 17, 2007 on ABC

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  • Nice development.

    After last week's perfect episode, I thought it was unable to top that episode. However, this episode proved to be yet another great installment. I totally agree with the writers on the every episode being a special story, like a separate movie or something.

    Okay, so we didn't get any Janet and Eddie today, but others got more air time. The connection between Pizza Girl and Phil is great. They work great as a couple and always provide fun scenes. Hannah got to fight a super-villain Christine and I'm glad she punched her. She definitely deserved it. Nice going.

    And finally, I got more Nick and Aubrey. I don't like the fact that Ronnie has feelings for Aubrey, but still, it provides a good plot for the future and it was nice having a story for Ronnie. I wonder why they didn't put him on contract if he appears in each episode. Anyway, I was amazed that Aubrey finally stepped up and told Nick everything that bothered her. And then the twist at the end. Just great.

    I just love the music in the show. It concludes a certain episode and gives it a warmer feeling. We're left with a lot of questions for the future: Will Hannah and Ray tie the knot? Will Aubrey and Nick stay together? Will Ronnie tell Aubrey about his feelings for her? How will Eddie and Janet's relationship continue? What's in store for Physical Phil and Pizza Girl? And what will happen to the Rowans? I can't wait to find out.