October Road

Season 2 Episode 6

Revenge of the Cupcake Kid

Aired Unknown Jan 07, 2008 on ABC

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    So this was a disappointing installment of October Road, definitely it's first clunker of the series, and I really hope there isn't any more. This episode wasn't terrible but it was just way too cliche. This show has never been cliche, and the drama on the show has always been unique and subtly intense, but now I feel like it's lost it's originality in a sense.

    Best friends fighting over their boyfriends? Big Cat, the schemer, and of course, the worst part of the episode, the cupcake kid. I found myself rolling my eyes at the final scene of the episode, with everyone singing karaoke. The girl being interested in Carter, that was the most cliche of all. The rating of the episode plummeted as the episode continued.

    Carter joining Nick & Eddie at the karaoke machine? Talk about annoying. Aubrey was also not at her best here either. I didn't like how she was automatically Nick's girlfriend and they didn't even talk about last episode's events. No Pizza Girl, that's definitely another thing wrong with the episode.

    The only development that we got here was Ikey working for Big Cat, and usually October Road brings so much more to the table, this wasn't one of those times.
  • Janet and Hannah try and convince Eddie and Ray to go on a double date. Nick and Eddie try and get their first job but it is botched because of a guy whom Nick hurt in highschool when he wrote a comic book about him.

    Okay, so the guy who played the cupcake kid aka Carter Bump, was a great guest star. We once again get to see something that Nick has written which has hurt that someone who wrote about. First all of his friends with the novel, Turtle on a Snare Drum and then the cupcake kid comics. Although I must say, the slogan for the cupcake kid was quite creative, I am a mean person, I laughed. I think it is great that Nick begins to realize what his writing has done to people and he is trying to make it right. He is a good guy and he is still trying to make amends. I absolutely loved the karaoke scene, with Meatloaf's "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights". This is a great song and I laughed hysterically through the whole scene, with Nick singing like a girl. Overall this was a great episode but it was kind of a filler episode, either way I enjoyed it.
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    The beginning half of the show really made me question this shows ability to give me a storyline that I could follow and enjoy following it. Finding another pretend drummer for the band wasn't needed, it was so much more powerful when they would play and just not have a drummer. They didnt need to open the episode with them looking for another drummer. The drama between Ikey and Owen is really beginning to hit the repeatative side. A major theme for your season shouldn't be the hatred two men have for one another. There back and forth bickering not only gets to be the same every time, but it happens in almost eveyr single episode. Owens not ready to move on. Same was said the episode before this one. And the epiosde before that one. We know hes not ready to move on, get to a more major point of the show now. Ikey taking the job with Big Cat was something that they should have done 3-4 episodes ago, instead of wasting our time with Ikey versus Owen rounds 10-15. I thought the cupcake kid storyline was boring in the beginning, but solid in the endgame to see Big Cat not get the win that he usually does over Nick. Seeing Hannah and Janice fight was another big turning point of the episode for me, which should create some more drama in future episodes. Overall, some early stumbling really lowers the rating for the episode even though it finished with its best foot forward and will continue to keep me coming back.
  • I like the thing between Janet and Hannah

    Well as usual, more weirdness for October Road. I guess that is just what makes this show so great, it is so very unique from other dramas that I grow to appreciate how out there it is.

    Hannah and Janet decide to go on a double date with Ray and Eddie, but when Ray has it his way, Janet and Hannah end up fighting over Eddie and Ray causing a big dent in their friendship.

    Eddie and Nick start to get problems on their first customer when he apparently turns out to be someone Nick used to bully in high school or better yet known as the "Cupcake Kid."

    Ikkie attempts to make a comeback, but Owen just isn't ready to forgive or forget.

    I appreciated Hannah and Janet's storyline, quite nice.
  • Aftertaste.

    Once again, Nick's past comes back to haunt him. What happened to Cupcake Kid in the past is something that happens all the time, and putting behind the past is something that hard to do. I'm glad Carter was able to have fun, get the girl, and Nick and Eddie landed the job. It was quite fun seeing Ray disappointed after he didn't get the job, but when Ikey showed up as his worker, it added a bit of intrigue.

    It's hard to let go. How can Ikey expect everyone to forget about what happened so soon? Thing like that usually last a lifetime, and I'm glad they didn't forgive him yet. He can't play around and expect good things to happen.

    The comical part of the episode was Physical Phil's audition, and it was quite fun. I'm just wondering why are they using Lindy Booth rarely? Out of 6 episodes this season she only appeared in 4, and a recurring star Jonathan Murphy appeared in all 6. Anyway, I hope we'll get more from her later.

    It's also very nice to see Eddie and Nick being friends again. However, the most interesting thing about this episode was the very first fight between Janet and Hannah that the viewers got to see. I understand them both, and can't wait to see what happens next. Hannah is blind about Ray, we all know that, and maybe she'll come around soon.