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  • October Road is a show that asks the question "Can you go back home?" It a story about old friends reuniting after 10 years. Things have changed and so have the people.

    October Road is probably one of my most favorite shows. I love all the characters. The story lines are good too. But the cast keeps my coming back, you can tell they get along well. The show keeps me wondering if Nick and Hannah will be together or will Nick date Aubrey. Will Eddie forgive Nick for leaving and will they open their new store together. Will Owen really forgive Allison. Will Icky end up working for Ray? And the number one question is someone else really Sam's father? I would recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy, romance, and a great cast of actors. And i really love the Eddie and Janet love connection going on. And ordinary girl dating a football star.
  • Awesome Blossom tv show way to go !! NEED more episodes though This show is great ! ITs under-rated and needs more awareness ! It should be given more spotlight unlike OTH which is never ending Awesome blossoM!!!

    Awesome blossom
    Yes.....This shows awesome blossom
    Its under-hyped and needs more spotlight
    People watching OTH should all come n switch to this show
    Its fast-paced yet smooth
    Its more enjoyable than O.C This show can actually go on for a good 5 seasons
    They do need more episode though
    The characters are real and the writing is just too good !
    Way to Go ORod !!!!
    Awesome blossom
    and awesome blossom
    MaY I just saw it once again that this show is Awesome blossom
    I may need to say this once again that this show is Awesome blossom
    I may say it again but U'd be annoyed
    so just...watch the show if u like OTH,Smallville,O.C. style shows
  • Although my introduction to "October Road" was, admittedly, delayed by the likes of college midterms and finals, I did finally watch the show online at ABC.com. All I can say is....... wow. Definitely my new favorite show.

    So yes, I am a late-viewing fan of "October Road." I didn't actually first see the first episode until about two wekes ago. I had seen a commercial for the new episode that airs on November 22, and I thought the show looked pretty good, so I watched the first episode online at ABC.com. After that, I sat and watched the rest of the episodes whenever I had a chance in my busy college life. The show has so much depth, with the memory of what WAS Nick and Hannah and all of the time and regrets that are in between them. The side characters, like Janet, Aubrey, Dean Etwood, Owen.... they're all great! Not only do we see a lot of interaction between Nick and Hannah, but we also see how time has changed all of their high school friends, whom Nick hasn't seen in over ten years. Yes, the show is a drama and has some love stories intertwined somewhere, but don't think that's what the show is really about. I think it's about how, no matter how far we run or for how long, we cannot deny or forget our past and those we once loved. The bond of friendship, although sometimes ignored, cannot be broken. Or at least not very easily, as this show conveys.
  • Great show way worth watching.

    This show is just fantastic. The story is excellent. It's so different from anything else on tv right now. It's beautifully written and beautifully acted that it stands apart from the rest. Bryan Greenberg is a fantastic actor and Laura Prepon is outstanding. They both bring their best and you can see it the second you turn it on. I really cant wait till the second season starts up because they left it at a moment where i just want to know what's going to happen with Owen. There are so many lovable characters in october road that you'll fall in the love the first time you watch it.

    I watched the first episode without expectations and knowing very minor details about it, and to my surprise, I got hooked. The little surprises were very interesting, and the fact that he went back after writing a book bashing everyone he left behind--and after a decade no less, was very gutsy. The amount of drama per episode is just right, and the cliffhangers really make you ask for more. Just when you think the problems are solved, there's always an unexpected turn of events. I just absolutely love it. I can't wait for the next season, it's been too long! I don't really know that many people who watch it, but I really do hope it lasts. If there's one show that deserves to stay on the air, this is it.
  • i watched this show by chance and loved it please keep it on the air

    this is a great show i watched it around the same time as men in trees and liked them both when they stoped i have been watching the tv and the computer when i get a chance when men in trees came back on i was happy to see it made it so then today i was on the computer and seen that october road will be on in november i thought that was great i hope both shows sty as good as they are for a long time the cast on them is great it is like watching a show like mash all over again as far as casting goes
  • I have to admit, I came upon this show purely by chance but I ended up hooked!! Starring a few good actors/actresses that I have seen in other shows that I have liked I decided to give it a try. I've never regretted it!

    This is a show about a man who returns to his home town after leaving without a proper goodbye. He was meant to be going away for a short while but decided to stay away for 10 long years until he is forced back home to give a lecture about his new book (which he based on his old friends that still inhabit the town). This has some consequences!!

    Starring a few familiar faces and a few fresh ones this show has a great mix of new and old talent that seem to mesh well together. You can actually feel the old (but not forgotten) tension that comes with high school reunions, which is what the storyline resembles. With the added pressure on the date/spouse that you happen to bring along!

    I's say this show has a lot of potential to run for a decent number of seasons but unfortunately the studio don't seem to have much faith in it (ie. giving it only 6 eps for season 1 and leaving a HUGE gap before airing season 2). Lets just hope that the fan base is big enough to keep it going for a little longer. I personally will be tuning in!

    I love the show it hits so close to home on alot of issues I believe for alot of people. It's about time to see television that is real and has feeling to it i feel your show offers this to many viewers i know it does for me!i am 24 years old and i have an 11 yr old daughter who also watches the show with me. she can relate. Dont let this one get away. Ill keep watching hoping it comes on sooner that january 2008 keep me updated please oh and let it be sam be nicks please!!!!!
  • Really Superb. one of the best mid-season show to ever be picked up on ABC (...to my knowledge.)

    This show is like I said... Superb. GREAT acting from the actors... especially Bryan Greenberg. The storyline is pretty good as well as how the characters are portrayed and the parts that they played. In the beginning DURING the trailers I was already hooked. After watching the Pilot, I was sketchy at first but by the end and the beginning of the second episode.. I guess in a way you can say that I was hooked. The plot has potential. The way it was shot was awesome. GREAT development of relationships build throughout the show. Most of the plots portrayed can be witnessed in everyday life; which makes it so more the better.

    I really enjoyed the cast and story. At first I was bit skeptcal but as the show progressed I became more and more interested. The show has grown on me. My husband and I watched it every week. When we heard it might me canceled we couldn't quite understand why with a great cast and a story line that was just starting to unfold. If the show is canceled we do really hope that we could at least have a few more shows to have the opportunity to end the series. Please do not leave us hanging, atleast end the story.

    I started watching this show due to the fact that Bryan Greenberg was on One Tree Hill and was an amazing actor. I thought it had a great storyline that kind of in a way never had been done before. The actors are very good and the storyline between Nick and Hannah's song is very intriguing. I also love the fun factor of the show that even though they are very serious at some points they can also have alot of fun. TImes when they play songs and lip sync along to them, make me laugh alott. I would recommend this show to anyone that loves a great story about how much things can change in 10 years. All in All, you should deffff watch!
  • LOVE IT!

    I love this show. I just don't get how San isn't Nick's. He's gotta be!!!! Anyway I can't wait to watch the new season! My mother & I fell in love with this show. Looking forward to next season! It's definetly a winner. I want to see what happens with everything & everyone. And I can NOT stand that jerk, Ray. He's horrible! But of course every show has to have a guy we don't like! That's what is so fun about everything. I read that ABC is bringing the show back in the Fall. Is that true?! I hope so!
  • poor, hate it

    A guy (One Tree Hill's Bryan Greenberg) tells his girl (That '70s Show's Laura Prepon) that he's off to spend six weeks in Europe and will be back to resume their lives together. Ten years later...the guy, Nick, lives in Manhattan and has written a best-selling autobiographical novel that's been made into a movie. When he's invited back to his old hometown for a lecture engagement, he sees his girl and his old buddies, and gee, guess what? They are mostly pissed at him. (His defense for his fictional caricatures? ''I tried to change the names — they wouldn't have it!'')

    Such is the premise of the achingly sincere, deeply unbelievable October Road. There's no way this self-absorbed artiste would, as he does, decide to move back home. The characters talk either stiltedly (''Which begs the question, Why did you run out of here?'') or slangily (''Your eyes are off the hinge!''). The series strains for a small-town, quirky vibe — think Ed crossed with Everwood — but lacks charm. Prepon does a fine job as a sensible single mom, who insists her 9-year-old son isn't Nick's (yeah, right). This is a show whose idea of cute-quirk is giving one of Nick's old pals crippling agoraphobia and playing it for laughs. I felt sorry for older pros like Tom Berenger as Nick's weary dad, and Penny Johnson Jerald (24's Sherry Palmer!) as a college dean whom Nick begs for a teaching job by tossing pebbles at her window at night. Throw a rock back at him, Penny.
  • a great show with the perfect cast!

    October Road is an awsome show with the best cast, it gets better and better with every minitue that passes by the actors/actresses just pull you right into the show you feel like you live in the little close knit commiunity with them you care about what happens to them they end up seeming like family . Everyone at least in part wants that small town life where everyone knows eachother,and this show makes you feel like you do if only for an hour each week,it keeps you sitting on the edge of your seat trying to put words not spoken into the charaters mouths Iwas truly dissapointed when I thought the show was canceled especially when it was just getting so great!!! I am very happy it's returning and I can't wait to watch it!!
  • A very good drama with an amazing cast

    i love this show...when i saw that brian and laura were on it i just had to watch it...their both amazing actors. The show is very good and i love the story line. I really hope sam is nicks son...it would be just sad if he wasnt. Im glad the ratings for this show is good....But it sucks its coming back midseason
  • This Tv show is about a young man named Nicholas Garrett. Who returns to his hometown ten years after he left. His family and friends welcome him back but things have changed. Things are very different and he must adjust to all of them.

    When I first started watching this show. I noticed that it was like almost a take off from the Tv show, That 70s show. When Eric Forman comes back from Africa and things are very different. Along the way I stuck with October Road and it seems like the character Nicholas is back home and trying to adjust. I was really blown away by some of the characters were happy to see him and others were not to happy with his return. Ive noticed along the way it seems like he should of stayed gone. But his choices are his own. And no one should judge him or blame him for anything he does. I look to the future and hope this tv show will be around a good long while.
  • October Road...my favorite last season! Bring it back!

    I enjoy October Road because I grew up in a small town where people stayed and some of us went away. Not only can I relate, but the show is dealing with drama we may see in our own lives. Also love the fact that it is not full of skinny, made up, fake looking actors. The actors/actresses represent what "real people" look like. This is a good show for society! ;-)
  • This is my favorite show!

    This is a very good show! I saw I advertised and just knew that I would like it. I had to watch it online due to prior arrangements. I thought it was so good. I dont know why its stopped now. I HOPE that they start it again. The characters just mesh together. You feel like they have nee working together for years! The show is very... very intense. It has many different storylines. Thats just what I need to grab my attention. The setting of the show is so peaceful. The leaves are changing colors and the families are so nice. By watching this show it makes me throb with anticipation!
  • October Road is one of the best new shows this season. It has a great storyline as well as an awesome cast. I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good drama.

    October Road is about Nick Garret who left town on after graduation and didn’t return for ten years leaving behind his friends and family. In his absence Nick became a writer and wrote a book which seemed to rub the people of his home town the wrong way. Nick came back to town to do a presentation at the local college but after seeing his friends and family again decides to stay permanently. When Nick returns some people are not as willing to let him back into their lives like his ex-girlfriend Hannah Daniels played by Laura Prepon and his ex-best friend Eddie Latekka played by Geoff Stults. Upon returning to town Nick learns Hannah has a ten year old son named Sam who he believes could be his child. I am really happy to hear October Road will be coming back next season. This show has a lot of potential and if done correctly I believe it could be a long lasting series. I cannot wait for the new episodes to begin because not only do I love the show but I also love the cast.
  • Bring it Back! lt's great abc brought us "October Road". The actors have a great chemistry and sensitivity to one another. It gives those of us who have to live in the hecticness of the real world a chance to escape! A second season a MUST!

    Am sick of all the reality shows on television. I've been glued to "OCTOBER ROAD" from the onset! I want the storyline to continue at least a second season. Loved the closeness of the cast and the warmth of the storyline. It's like a great book you never want to end. I even find time in my busy schedule to watch it a second time on abc.com and that just doesn't happen for me. We need more shows like this on television to remind us of family and true friendships! Television watching won't be the same without this series! Keep it coming! ! !
  • I love this show! I love every character, its a classic story line but, the characters are original.I've always enjoyed Laura Prepon, and I really enjoy the rest of the cast!

    Great music, characters, and storyline! The shut in guy cracks me up, and everyone wants to root for him! My fav character is the guy who plays Eddie, though! Abc please make this show a keeper, I'm only upset that the season was so short! I enjoy very few shows on ABC anymore - I only watch Lost and the Bachelor, but now October Road has me hooked! Definately a great show for the late 20's and 30's crowd! High school in the far distance but, true friendships standing the tests and trials of life. How do you deal with all the crap in your life, exactly like the characters on this show. Love IT!!!!
  • I get the feeling we've seen this show before.

    Is it "Party of Five?" No no, I think it is "Providence." But wait, it could be "Judging Amy." Ok, I'll try not to be too mean about this passable show. But it's just too hard to resist not saying something negative about a show that seems to have ripped off the same cliche' formula of young rural 20-something melodramas out there.

    We have seen this show before. Most of us do not want to see the same cliche's again and again. It is also so highly predictable each episode: girl loves guy, guy gets involved in some "frat-stupidity" with his friends, girl gets upset, and the valentine bursts. Oh, come on!

    The only saving grace: the casting of newcomer Odette Yustman. This is not a great show.
  • The good guy, the awesome friend, the love of your life... the main character Nick Garret was all those things until he left home and did not come back for 10 years. What he comes back to surprises even him.

    This is another show it took me a while to get into. I love Bryan Greenberg and Laura Prepon so I thought I would give it a go. Turns out after ep 3 that it got very interesting and I found someone to hate alot... thats always good when a show starts. I feel no sympathy for Ray Cataldo even if he has pretty eyes. But yeah this show definitely grows on you. I hope and pray it comes back.
  • Great new show!!

    Finally a great new show on televison. I like the new characters in this show. Granted only two episodes have aired but I this is going to be a good show. I like the chimistry between Nick and Hannah. The actor who plays Hannah's son portrays some similar characteristics as Nick to help convence the audience that he is really Nick's son even though Hannah continues to deny it. I don't like the guy who's playing Hannah's boyfriend, but I think that was the writers intentions, for us to not like him. I hope Nick and Hannah get together. I really like Laura Prepton's character and how she is able to come from a role where she plays a teenager to now playing an adult. She is doing a great job of her character.
  • This show has potential

    I really enjoyed this episode. Finally Phil steps out of the house only for a moment. I didn't expect the to see all the spectators. I only thought pizza girl would show up. I feel bad for Owen. I don't think the timing on this secret was good. It makes it seem like they will not have another season when they do stuff like this. I liked the father son moment that Sam and Nick had. Nice job to the writers for stalling the Nick and Sam relationship with the so-called real wealthy father of Sam. I think Nick messed up with Aubrey - he had a good thing going. Oh well, Hannah is his true love. good episode.
  • This show is awsome!!!!!!!! My friends and family all have fell inlove with all of the people on this show...

    October Road has become my most favorite show in a very long time. My husband and I set aside Thursday nights for us due to the show.... My family and friends also have fell inlove with this awsome show.....It hits home in so many ways, I find it hitting my heart in so many ways.....I cry, laugh, even get mad and bite my pillow while watching....I have not missed one night of October Road...And for me to call it the best show on television is something, since I am a stay at home mom of twin boys and have the tv on all day long......Please keep this show going......Please please please.......We love it here in Arkansas!!!!!!!

    Sincerly, Niki Hatfield
  • Me and my 11 year old daughter watch this show every Thursday and we just love it. Please keep this show on the air, its very original and I love it.

    We love it!!!!!!!

    Please keep this show on the air. Every since this show has been on the air, me and my daughter look forward to thursday nights again. There are too many reality shows and medical shows, and crime shows, there is finally a family show on TV again that the whole family can enjoy
  • In this short season finale, Owen learns of his wife's infidelity. Phil must confront his fears. Nicki makes a choice and expresses his feelings to Hannah. Nicki meets Sam's "fictional" father. Eddie and Nicki must unite to seek out Owen.

    This was an amazing episode. The writing was superb, the acting inredible and the camera work enhanced the story. The music was absolutely interwovan into the story. The final song and season ending story will be a classic. The actors' body language absolutely reflected the story line. Throughout the first five episodes one of the most underutilized characters was Eddie. The relationship between Eddie and Nicki was not well developed or explored. You have had hints that Eddie's character was stronger than it seemed. This episode confirmed that suspicion. In this episode, the conflict between Eddie and Nicki was finally allowed to play out. However, in the end, Eddie and Nicki unite to go help Owen. The unspoken communication between the characters was perfect. The exchange of looks in the truck at the end simply summarized the relationship. These are two best friends who fully understand each other and enjoy each other's company. They are both strong characters. They may be angry with each other, but they also are there to support each other when needed. The writers have absolutely captured a male "best friend" relationship. Did Big Cat anticipate this or is the Eddie/Nicki alliance an unintended consequence? The only thing the writers should get ride of is the air guitar sequences. Grown men are beyond this!
  • The pilot was great. I feel in love with the moment I seen it.Please bring it back.

    October Road is a show that I am now hooked on.I am addicted to it.I have to know how it all turns out. All the charcters are great I love them all and hope they all stay on the show.Like one of the other reviews say it is differnt from other shows out there and that is just what we need.I just got finished watching the last epiosode and already I can not wait til I can see it again.As soon as the show ended I rushed to the computer to see if and when it woould air again(soon I hope).When I found out that it was only five shows this season I was upset.I like I said I hope to see it again soon.Thanks for the great season that ya'll just had I enjoyed the show.
  • October Road is great! I hope you bring it back. I was hooked from the very first show.

    October Road is a breath of fresh air. It's different from all of the other shows. Too many shows have been copying from other ones and are all too similar. When I watched the first episode, I couldn't wait for it to come back on teh next week. I love the characters, not only are they interesting but, they aren't bad to look at either. I think Hannah and Nick have great chemistry and I can't wait to see what the future holds for them, as well as the other characters. It would be nice to see the chubby girl end up with the cute guy for once. She is a beautiful girl and I'm glad he can see through the weight. Please bring the show back. I will be very said if you don't.
    Mary Jane
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