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  • hello my name is jessica.

    Hello, I'm Jessica. My boyfriend and I watch October Road every Thursday. We call it our "date night." We look forward to it all week. We think that the characters are written superbly. We also hope that Nick is Sam's father. You see?? We love this show. Please bring our marvelous show back. It would mean alot to my boyfriend and I...and we can keep "date night." Anxiously waiting, Ivan and Jessica.
  • I love this show!!! I was hooked the first night I watched it! When I saw that they didn't show the previews for next week I freaked!Thoughtit had been cancelled.Please don't take it off like you did Six Degrees. I'm still trying to get over Six Degrees.

    There are so many good shows out there and some which have been around for awhile. But, this show is terrific and I see it blowing some of the best shows out of the water! There is just something about the show that brings you back for more!! Awesome show!!
  • Please bring back this awesome show. Im addicted!!

    Wow!! I really love this show!! Its almost better than Grey's Anatomy, well in my opinion. I hope they dont cancel this show. I always find a new show I like and then poof, its gone. It has a good down home story line. We have alot of CSI and hospital shows out there, we need something different for a change. My favorite characters are Eddie and Janet, its cool to see the not so thin girl getting the hunk..:) I hope they bring this one back. Please bring back this awesome show!! If they dont I give up on television and ever finding something good to watch on it..
  • This the BEST show EVER!!!!!

    This is an amazing show. It is the best show I have seen in a long time. ANd I llike my TV so that it saying something. I have friends and family that watch it too. We sit around when it's on and text message each other when stuff happens that we like or don't like. Like I text my freind when Gavin Goddard and said in so many words that I did not like him .

    It's a great show
  • OH NO - the season's over - What will I do?

    I love this show sooooo very much. Hannah and Nick and their entire group of friends make me smile every episode. Even though there have been some sad moments, the chemistry between Nick and Hannah, Pizza Girl and the Shut-In dude, as well as Eddie and the gal in the bar. I loved the episode with the old man in the hospital. What a sweet thing that was that he couldn't leave - then Nick got him to make his way out of the doors. When Ray the scumbag told Owen about his cheating crazy wife - you don't know who you want to punch more ... the wife or sleazy Ray. All I know is that Thursdays will have a big hole until more episodes come on. WE LOVE IT!!
  • Please don't cancel this show. I love it and 4 of my friends at work all watch it. Is it coming on again? If yes, when? Please

    Love the plot. Great story and want more. please don't cancel. There were alot of things left unsaid and I really believe with a little advertising you could go real far with this story. My friends and I all discuss episodes at work and are bummed that there was so few episodes. Try putting it on a wednesday night. Thursday you are up against some real good CBS shows. They own Thursday nights. I have a DVR and record October Road and watch every Friday morning and I am hooked. Please rethink pulling the show. It is really really good. I know it could be a big hit.
  • Booring even for a soap!

    Well that wasn't very good was it. The acting was average, although the story line was so fresh, after all how many shows have there been about somebody returning back home after being gone for ten years? What was really annoying was the soundtrack, the main characters were 18 in 1997, there was a poster of Curt Cobain over the bed, and in his apartment. But the soundtrack included Boston, Thin Lizzy and a reference to REO Speedwagon, if he had left in 1977 this may have made more sense.

    In terms of writing anyone writer who can combine "dude", "wicked" and "trash our REO Speedwagon" in the same conversation should be up for a Grammy. Also, correct me if I am wrong but did I hear Hannah say REO Speedwagon records? Records not CDs? Again this was supposed to be 1997. Then there is the wooden tennis racket. I swear this town must be caught in a time warp.

    This is replacing Men in Trees? Granted this Northern Exposure meets Friends program wasn't the greatest, but it certainly was better then Octber Road
  • This show has recently become one of my favorites. it trumps every show that i have seen, even including lost! if this show does not come back next sesson i will be very MAD!!!! i basicly hope this show comes back, its great!

    This show has recently become one of my favorites. it trumps every show that i have seen, even including lost! if this show does not come back next sesson i will be very MAD!!!! i have started to watch this show a couple episodes ago and it has quickly climed the charts in my book and i hope everyone elses, also. This show has a great story line and i cant wait to see what happens next. i came on this page to express my feeling towards this show mainly because i could relate to it in my everyday life.
  • I think that "October Road" is the next "Greys Anatomy". I love watching and ,I can't wait to see what's going to happen next. I wish that there had been more shows this season. I really can't wait to see what the nexr season has in store.

    I think That "October Road" is a trendsetter. It's just a great small town love story. The two high school sweethearts Hanna and Nick finally see eachother after ten years. Perfect, they see eachother and sparks start to fly right out of my T.V.. I could feel the chemistry between them and all the emotions they had rushing back all in that instant. I'm so crazy in love with this show and all the potential it has. All the directions, situations, and problems that could arise to make this such a great story line. I'm a little okay a lot upset that there wasn't more episodes than there was. I am looking so forward to seeing what happens this next fall. So I really hope that the show does come back stronger than ever. I'm a little nervous about this though since I did't see any previews for next season. So please, please bring it back.
  • One of the best shows I've seen in years.

    I love this show. It's the best that I've seen in a long time. Ever since friends went off the air I haven't looked forward to much on TV, but now I look forward to EVERY Thursday night. This show HAS to stay on the air. I LOVE IT!!!!
  • LOVE IT!!!

    I LOVE this show. SO good! Hope it comes back, I am totally hooked! Great acting, story line is easy to follow yet keeps me hooked. Love the characters, love Nick's character. Hannah is awesome. She is a good mom and tries so hard. Ray is a total jerk, but I guess you need him on there. Can't believe Ikey, Love Owen and Phil needs to get out and get the totally cool Pizza girl. Can't wait to see what happens nex! This one is a KEEPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • A show about this guy leaving his town to do some work somewhere else. He also has to leave his friends and girlfriend behind. When he returns to the town 10 years later, there are a lot of mix ups to fix.

    This is one of my favorite shows. I have seen evry episode so far and plan on continuing watching it. I LOVE drama shows as you can tell from my review of Lost. I also like romance and you can tell this show has a LOT of it. I think it's a really good show, so if anyone asks . . . . . wel, say it's a really good show. I'm so anxoius to find out what happens to all of the couples and non-couples. it's so exciting. Ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya ya. It's a good show.
  • This is the best show ever. I can't believe you already making the season finale. I want to know what else happens. This is a great show hurry up and make Hannah and Nick get together already. Please don't take this show off the air.

    The story line is great. I love that Nick and Hannah are starting to love each other again. You have to tell us wether or not Sam is Nick's son already. I think this show is great. Physical Phil and the pizza girl have to make up though. They can not brake up just because of that one fight they were good together. Eddie and Janice do need together also. Ray need to go away I don't really like his charcter that much. It was a good spin to put Nick's Dad with Nick's boss that was a good spin on things also. I can't believe you are already making it the season finale I am not ready for it to go away yet. Please do not take this show off the air I would probably cry. This is my favorite show of all time right now.
  • Can't wait for next show.

    What a great show. The hour goes by so fast. My congrats to the writers and characters of this show. I was so upset when Men In Trees was replaced by this, but now I can't get enough of this one. The actors are awsome! Great Job. Lets keep this show going for a long time please. Terri

    OMG.....I love this new Series and I got my 19 year old hooked also. We both r "One Tree Hill Fans," but I think this new series may be my new "FAvorite!" I am liked hooked on the Pilot and in a way this was me although I am a Chic..I left my small town and took me about 15 years before I went back!! Love all the Charecters and nice to see "Mouth" on it..This is gonna be a Hit and please don't take this show off the air...It will make it!! I told all my frinds and family to tune in..need tivo as I do because it is on at 10Pm here in California..but well worth it cause I can watch it as many times as I want...my husband can not beleive how many times I have watched it already..It has awesome Music also!!!! Keep it up and throw some AC/Dc in there and I will never tune out...

    Rate this a Perfect 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!++++++++++++
  • Laugh,love and cry, and bring the family to October Road to enjoy the beauty and loven of true lifelong friends in one small town.

    Forget the silly reality TV shows, watch real reality on October Road. Real human emotions. Real human feelings. This show stole my heart on the very first episode. As in Real life, there aremelodramatic scenes. People get there feelings hurt. People fall in love,people keep secrets As in any town in America, there are people you love and people you love to hate. You'll laugh with them and you'll cry with them. For real life drama,it doesn't get any better than October Road. It is my personal favorite and after a couple of episodes it will be your's also. Clean & fun for the entire family.
  • I love the storyline, And I cant get enough of it!!

    I am beginning to like October Road better than Greys!!!I am seriously hooked on this show!! If it gets cancelled I do not know what I will do!?! I am addicted to October Road, I wait around each week for Thursday to come around so that I can watch this amazing show! All of the characters and actors/actresses are awsome! I love Bryan Greenberg, as well as Laura Prepon, and even Sam (Slade Pearce)! I can not believe that the season finale is already next thursday! they really need to air more episodes, I hope the show stays because i cant live without it!
  • Love this Show! Keep it around ABC!

    Love this Show! Grey's was my favorite, but now I can't wait for Grey's to get over so I can watch October Road. Still enjoy Grey's but find October Road to be much more intriguing. Hope that Nick is Sam's dad. Hannah & Nick belong together, I know it will be a road we will have to wait on, but I hope that one road that will be followed. I also like the story line with Eddie and Janet. It's nice to see that an attrative good looking guy can fall for someone on the heavy side. Janet has it all. Hope to see more on this story line also. Don't much care for Ray, but every show has to have a bad guy right. The story line with Owen & Ikey and Owen's wife will be a good one. This show is great! Keep it around ABC!
  • The best show i have seen in a very long time!

    In this episode there are many different things that happens. Hannah and Nick both realize that they truely do love and care dearly for each other. The pizza girl is brutally attacked by the "Frat Guys" that moved in across the street. Sam has to have a surgery do to an accident on his bicycle. Hannah is unsure if Sam will be ok and is very distraught by the whole ordeal. Nick does what a grown man would do and stays by her side the whole time. The old man in the hospital tells the brown headed girl that Hannah and Nick are truely in love!
  • Guy leaves home not heard of for 10 yrs. Guy writes book that steps on old friends' toes. Drama ensues as guy returns home to find some things have changed, some have remained the same and he may have kid with ex left behind.

    The plot does grab attention with its cookie-cutter prime-time drama. However, the combination of a predictable storyline, sub-par, real-life-less acting, depthless characters and dumbed down, plot leave one feeling like they're watching day-time soaps after dark. I think the plot being developed way quicker than it needs to be, is what may be taking valuable interaction time away from the characters leaving them to perform annoyingly short and doltish. I say this show needs some new writers and a good plot conditioning or it is doomed for cancellation. There is no way that October Road will survive another season if it continues to evolve so quickly and mindlessly.
  • Everyone should give this show a chance.

    I have watched the first 4 episodes of this show so far and I think it is pure gold. It sure has a way of pulling you into all the story lines. And I think the main attraction of this show is that most everyone has a place they call home and they go back sometimes to see old friends and to see how the town (or city) is holding up. I know I can relate to that feeling of finally coming home again. The characters seem easy to relate too also. They are not portrayed as perfect people but instead people with problems and fears. I suggest if you have not already, try this new drama and like me become an instant fan.
  • A small town boy comes home only to find that his friends moved on and basically hate him for what he wrote. He finds that things have changed, but they stayed the same also. First love, best friends, competition, can we go back to the way it was?

    I love this show. We all want to leave our home at some point, but then we always want to come home. First loves are always wanting to be rekindled and we all want the comfort of our high school friends. I think this is a great show and I think it hits home for those of use who have been out of high school for around 10 years. Some of us are married, some not, we wonder where and what are friends from that time are doing. I think it can be hit, spread the word.
  • Old Genre, newly presented.

    A great show with familiar faces, and a familiar story line. The author selling out his old town isn't a new one, but October Road presents it in a fun way with a great set of characters from Nick Nicholson Garret by Bryan Greenberg known from teen drama One Tree Hill and Hannah Daniels played by Laura Prepon of That Seventies Show. Slade Pearson who plays Sam Daniels is particularly charming especially in the pilot episode. There is only one thing wanting; an explanation of the name 'October Road' obviously theres a road in the town with that name or something similar but it still hasn't really been explained but four episodes into the pilot season... well I love this show!
  • a summary of what?

    my new favorite show. i got scared on 4-12 that it was not on and had goteen cancelled. sometimes a little "cheesy" but the other parts make up for this. love the music. nothing else to write. a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a a
  • An absentee son/brother/friend/lover/author returns to his hometown to astonishing changes, mixed reviews, plus or minus a son!

    Twenty-something Nick leaves his hometown, becomes a famous author writing about that same hometown in a none too subtle way and makes enemies along the way. Returning briefly, he discovers that things have indeed changed. This intelligent, sometimes funny, drama ponders the difficulties of re-ingratiation....of return. Problem is, there is no such thing as return to the past, only return to a future...which he and his friends and family (dad, brother, former girl friend/lover, ?son?.... are working on. Next problem is, a not-so-friendly former friend is determined to thwart Nick's self-reinsertion...for reasons of the heart.

    The glue that holds this brilliant drama together are the incisively drawn and acted characters who relate to each other in weird and broken ways....but the power of family ties and male bonding and possible romantic re-attachments makes us see parts of our own lives on the screen. Those parts are beautified, younged-down, romanticized, attached to music, carved into episodes....and are eminently worth watching. Bravo ABC! This show is a keeper!
  • October Road is a new show, so in the first few weeks it is going to do not so good. But as more people start watching it and telling their friends, the ratings should go up.

    October Road has a good plot line, and from what it looks like so far it has a stabble audience. The episodes have been getting better every week and I think more people will start watching it over time(it's right on after Grey's Anatomy which has very many viewers, so let time take it's course and more veiwers will gradually come). I think Laura Pepron did a great job in that 70's show and so far she is doing a great job on October Road. There is enough romance, betrayal, drama, mystery, and friendship problems, to keep the show intresting. I can't wait for more great shows to come. Great Job So far!!!
  • I just want to be on record that I love this show and want it to continue. I don't care about being scored on my review!

    I find the premise and the twists in this show to be plausible and interesting. The characters are quirky without being over-the-edge. Each character is someone who seems believable and likeable. I can care about them.

    The storyline's twists and turns and keep my interest. If the writers of this show continue to write interesting plot lines, it seems the series will go a long way.

    I am concerned, however, that I do like it and have it TiVod. Whenever I like a show and get involved with a character, it seems that it gets cancelled!

    Nevertheless, my fingers are crossed that this gets renewed.
  • This is one of the best new shows that have come in a while, right up the with the black donnellys as my favorite new show

    This is one of the best new shows that have come in a while, right up the with the black donnellys as my favorite new show of the year, it is fast paced with lots of things too keep you interested in it. It is a drama that should be one of those that last and are watched for a long time, its kind of like the oc but with some very different characters and lotline that done become boring or insignificant. Overall i have thouroughly enjoyed the first four episodes that have been aired and wish for many more to come.
  • This a really great show.

    I love this show. I have to record it because I work on thursday nights and I have to watch it as son as I get home. It is another one of those water cooler shows. I hope it stays on for a while so we can see what happens with Nick and all his family & friends. I dont like Big Cat and Hannah, I think her and Nick would make a better couple. The little boy who plays Sam is a really good actor. This is one of my Favs of course Greys is the best. I hope they keep it.
  • Great life lessons-deep with humor. Good acting and story/plot. Characters have great chemistry! I would love to see this show continue as it's hard to find a clean, positive, & enjoyable series. I highly recommend this show.

    Different types of people can relate this is show. They have done a wonderful job crafting characters, plot, and story. I have enjoyed watching this show because it's different-though there is drama, it seems to have a purpose in portraying life lessons and meaning that we all deal with. I am looking forward to future shows in this series!
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