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  • ok wow. This show is so good you have to ask yourself, could it be real?

    ok wow. This show is so good you have to ask yourself, could it be real? This show is family friendly and intense yet cozy and lighthearted. It's about small-town friends who have insiders and memories and things to do so there's never a dull moment in this town. This is specially true when Nick Garrett comes to town, or should I say, back to town. Ten years ago Nick left town for a chance to see other places promising to his girlfriend and friends to be back soon. Well ten years later he sails in and his arrival causes a ruckus, while he was gone he wrote a book in which he basically called all his small town friends buffoons. Will they accept him back in the fold?
  • amazing...watch it...then you will know the summary.

    oh.my.gosh. amazing. i am totally addicted to october road. one of the best new show on tv and everyone should watch it. i totally suggest watching online if you haven't watched from the beggining and want to catch up. i love how they leave a cliffhanger at the end of each episode so you watch the next one. i wish i had the whole first season so i would have to deal with commercials and waiting a WEEK for a new episode!!!...this show is really good. and if you havent watched it, you should. i didnt watch the first 2 episodes, but my friend told me it was good, so i got online and watched the first two...and I LOVE IT!!! pretty much AMAZING!!
  • Nick Garret returns to his home town after 10 years to find out that his ex-girlfriend Hannah has a 10 year old son. Is it his? This show is packed with everything so hold on tight and just WATCH!

    Best show since... way back! I love how the show is filled with EVERYTHING! It is dramatic yet hiliarious! And might I add the actors are extremely talented. I am smiling for the full hour October Road is playing. This show is just jaw droppingly AMAZING. I would recommend it to anybody. I love it. I would give it 5 stars any day.
  • Absolutely love the new show!

    I really like this show! It is new, refreshing and really keeps my attention. The could be some more defining of the characters but I really find myself becoming addicted to it! I love the actor who plays Nick, I watched him in One Tree HIll and he is very talented.
  • i wouldnt say this is my favorite show but it is an awsome show

    october road has the guy that played ''jake'' in one tree hill so thats the first amazing thing about this show..and too it has great actors,great story,and is a show that i think deserves to last a long time..so watch october road please every thurs. it is a great show and you will fall in love with it
  • Almost perfect show about a book writer who returns to his roots and the place his book is about. Here's my Idea's to make it perfect.

    This is a great story about someone returnng home. Many of us have done it. But here, the person not only abandoned people, but put them in the spotlight by writing a book about them and the town he was from. So far I think it's been well paced in its character development and unfolding the story. EXCEPT for one character. The Book itself. I would love to have each show tied in to something from the book. Maybe have the writer read a passage from the book, that leads into the weeks story line. For instance, maybe a narration like " Cat (or his pseudo name in the book) was the type of person that needed to be in control and own the best, including women. When he wanted something, her would do anything to get it". Then let the story unfold about how Cat has tried to possess someone in a relationship. Not because of love, but because of the power he feels from it. (Trying to avoid a spoiler). I think this would make the book more of a character in the story. In any case, it's become a show I look forward to every week.
  • Review

    I think that this show is very good, aside from the over dramatic soap oprah moments that it can have from time to time. I think one of the most important aspects of a new drama show is character devolopment in the early episodes and I think that October Road did that very well when it broke onto television a few short weeks ago. I thought the writers did a great job making the characters both lovable and unlikeable in such a short amount of time. The writers have also done a very good job with giving everyone equal a fair enough amount of air time to really devolop. Overall, I think this is a promising new show with a lot of potential if the writing continues to be what it has been for the first several episodes of the series.
  • I LOVE THIS SHOW. All the characters in this new show are wonderful, I can't wait to find out if Sam is Nick's son???

    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE this new show. It has been a long time since there has been a show that I feel like I neeeeeed to watch. I can't wait for the next episode to air. Thank You so much to the creators of this show and to ABC for airing it.
  • Nick heads out to see the world and leaves behind a plethora of people who wish he would just stay.The people he left behind have secrets that caused them to build up walls to keep him out. But the child who may be his son didn’t build a wall…

    Well after all of the commercials leading up to the show premier I didn’t really need to watch the first two episodes. I admit it looked good. I wanted to get hooked, but that didn’t happen even after 2 episodes. Since it comes on after Grey’s Anatomy I have still been watching it. I think it is going places; it definitely has potential, although it is quickly getting too complicated. Hannah decides to break-up with that guy as soon as the star starts making out with his student, what is that about!?! I think this would have made a way better movie. You know he leaves, comes back… Leave out the girl from the college and this would make an excellent movie.
  • Nick Garrett is a man who has been away from his hometown for 10 years and partially because of a novel he wrote including details on some people from the town. Now its time to return to his home, his past, and the people he left behind.....

    I think that the show is a great addition to the lineup! I watch Grey's Anatomy and i think that it's a great follow up show. Although people say it is just like the movie "beautiful girls", I say who cares? to that! Not everyone has seen the movie, and maybe some of us want to see it played out in hour by hour parts! its the "beautiful girls" for the new generation. Lots of fans of Bryan Greenberg have followed him over from his past show One Tree Hill, and I know that I personally cannot get enough of him. I think he's a wonderful actor and singer. The rest of the cast already have created a bond that has hidden ties that i am dying to discover. The show is definitely great and needs to be given a chance.
  • It's one of the best new shows that has come out this year. I can relate to some of the stuff that is going on. Comeing back home after 10 years, your best friend mad at you for leaving like that. You need to watch this show, if you haven't watch it yet.

    This show is the best I have seen in a long time. Its hard to find a show on tv anymore that the the who family can watch. I like the fact that they make it seen that Sam isn't Nick's son, but come on we all know he is. Some of the plots are a little predictable, but most of the shows now are. I can't wait to see what happens for the rest of the season. Trust me, if my parents can sit down and watch this show, you know it has to be good. I know i'll keep watching it.
  • This show is a DISGRACE to the amazing 1996 movie 'Beautiful Girls' starring Timothy Hutton as an artist who returns to his hometown (Knight's Ridge) for his 10 year high school reunion. The very same writers created this show.

    This is a 'summary' of the movie 'Beautiful Girls:'

    During a snowy winter in the small fictional town of Knight's Ridge, Massachusetts, a group of lifelong buddies hang out, drink and struggle to connect with the women who affect their decisions, dreams and desires. Tommy "Birdman" Rowland and Kev, his sidekick, plow snow for a living. A former campus stud, Tommy continues to harbor feelings for his ex-girlfriend Darian, complicating his relationship with current lover Sharon. Paul Kirkwood lives with Birdman and also plows snow. Inexorably drawn to supermodels and the "ideal" woman, he refuses to commit to Jan, his girlfriend of seven years. Traveling from New York where he works the piano bar circuit, Willie Conway is at a crossroads in his life. Although he lives with sharp attorney Tracy Stover, Willie cannot commit to the relationship. In Knight's Ridge, he meets Marty, a 13 year-old "heartbreaker in training" and Andera, Stinky's cousin from Chicago, who compel Willie to reassess the value of his life and his relationship with Tracy.

    This is a 'summary' for 'October Road:'

    A successful novelist who burned all his bridges when he left his small town (Knight's Ridge) ten years prior returns home to teach at the local university and finds it more difficult to reconnect with family and friends than he thought - they don't think kindly of him since he skewered them all in his wildly popular book.
  • This is definitely a show worth watching!

    I really love this show. I am usually hesitant about watching a new show because it seems like the networks cancel most new shows prematurely. I am, however, very glad I watched October Road. I love the whole story about a young famous writer returning home not exactly sure of what to expect. I also love watching the reactions of all the loved ones he left behind. Of course everyone has their own reaction to him. It has been very interesting so far. The writers are doing an excellent job developing the characters. I just hope this doesn't become another show that is canceled before it is given a fair chance.
  • Would have made a great ABC original movie.

    The acting is fabulous, and was the reason the show drew me in in the first place. Laura Prepon is amazing, and Bryan Greenberg is addicting. I also love the little boy, Slade Pearce. He's adorable, and can really act!

    The plot, however, is what doesn't cut it for me. Either Nick is Sam's dad, or he isn't. That's the whole show, right there. Not much room to grow.

    The filming and effects and stuff are mediocre at best. a lot of the themes are overused and predictable. Seems more like a movie than a TV show.
  • One of the best, with so much potential.

    I think this could really be a show that goes on for quite some time and never loses anyone, just continues to grab people and suck them into this amazing show. It has so much drama, and so much potential. The characters are fully developed and you can only learn more about them each and every week. This could quite honestly be a show that will eventually give grey's anatomy, lost, prison break, and the other current greats a run for their money. I would recommend this show to anyone who is even remotely enjoys watching any drama like show.
  • This show is one of the best I've seen since Greys Anatomy! Thumbs up!

    This show is one of the best I've seen since Greys Anatomy! The writors on this show are fa-nominal, Terrific cast, everything a well scripted show should be! Bryan Greenberg really holds his own, The rest of the cast fall right into place. The chemistry between them is noticeable! This is one of those rare instances where I enjoy everything about the show from the moment I tuned in I was hooked! Most shows start out either boring and then end up good, or start good and fizzle. I predict this show will stay on the air for a long time! Viewers will be able to actually relate and identify with these charactors. Best Show of the year!
    I can't wait for Thursdays!!
  • October Road is a keeper!

    I love this show. I'm stuck on this show every minute, never turning the channel for anything else. Bryan Greenberg is so adorable as Nick Garrett. I love Laura Prepon! She is such a wonderful and talented actress that steals the show everytime as Hannah. I hope this show stays on for a long time because the story is so interesting and original. I can't wait every Thursday to see the next episode :)
  • such a great show. better be on for a long time.

    When I saw the previews for this show I thought I should check it out cause it seemed like the kind of show that could keep you intrigued without dozens of plot twists thrown into the mix.

    I mean, I TRIED to watch the OC because I just love dramas, but it was just too out there for me and made me feel completely unsympathic to all of the characters no matter how many bad things happened to them. But this show makes me sympathize with all the charcters case this is stuff that people really do go through. Sometimes you are an ass to your friends and you do talk trash behind their backs. And sometimes someone you love really does leave you.

    This show can really hit close to home. If you go into any small town across America you will run into people just like this and fact that they can just throw real life on screen and keep you interested without throwing a bunch of useless drama into makes you want to just stay tuned.
  • Nick returns home after 10 years to learn if anyting has changed.

    I think that this show is one of the best new shows on television. I think that the writers have came up with some very good storylines and i cannot wait to see where they take them. I think that October Road has casted a lot of very good actors and actresses and they do a wonderful job potrarying the characters evan though it is hard for me to see some of the actors in this show because i recoginize them in other shows but they all are able to pull off these new roles and week after week it gets easier to see them in this show vs the others.
  • For soap opera fans only.

    There isnt much original here. Standard drama with large ensemble cast. This author guy, Nick, comes home after being gone for 10 years trying to solve his writers block. There are various sub plots about off beat people Nick knows. That’s about it. Not sure where this one would go other than Nick continually bumping into people he knew from his past. The absurd names of some of these charactes such as “The Commander” is just plain goofy; along with “Big Cat” and “Physical Phil”. Ugh.

    In episode 2 there was the awful peanut allergy business concerning a kid he thought was his. The scene in the bar was absurd. Who would stand up and ask “Who here has a nut allergy?” Double Ugh. . He is surprised when the Dean of the University where he applies for a job questions whether he stay long term. I wouldn’t hire a guy like him until he was in town for a year or more and showed he was serious about staying. Even worse was when Nick pathetically begged the Dean of the University for job by throwing pebbles at her window at night like a guy trying to get a girls attention – this was extremely weird use of a standard cliché. A show like this would appeal to people who like Prime Time soap opera type relationship shows. I channel surfed thru half of it and didn’t feel like I missed anything. It’s a decent show but it just doesn’t interest me enough to watch it every week; theres really nothing new or special about it. But I must say Id rather see shows like this of Friday Night Lights on the schedule than endless CSI or American Idol clones, even if Im not watching it.

    If a mushroom cloud appeared over Boston and Nick was looking at it, this might get interesting. Otherwise? Ill pass. Please pass the Peanuts....
  • Last nights episode was my first time watching it. I missed the first episode which is my loss. The story of the kid coming back after running from his past, and the pain he caused the ones he loved, really touches close to home.

    This show is fantastic. It feels like your own life. We all have that moment when our life feels like a soap opera, and that everyone is watching us. This show truly captures that feel. It hits a little too close to home at times, but that's what makes it such a good show. I am so tired of watching shows that are so out there, that you can't relate to anything going on. We all date, we all go thru heartache, we have all wanted to run at time, some of us actually have. Fantastic new show!!!! The cast is amazing. Every person truly encompasses their role.
  • I should be ashamed of myself, I missed the second episode last night, I'm VERY upset about that! I hope to see the recap on the site soon!

    First I have to say, the ONLY negative thing I have to say about October Road is : I wish it was on like an hour earlier!
    I absolutely hated to see the commercials come, I could NOT come unglued from my seat. It truly IS my FAVORITE show. My favorite characters are: Hannah, and Nick, of course! I was a VERY loyal fan of That Seventies Show. Laura Prepon is my favorite actress. She just brings a presence to anything that she does. Her character Hannah and Bryan Greenberg's character Nick seem to have an unsaid chemistry. I certainly hope that the writers let them get together on the show, that would be the best! She needs to DUMP Ray, hes NOT a good role model for Sam. He is trying, but no A for effort, he does not seem like he is in it to be a "Dad figure" at all. Hope the show goes far, because I absolutely LOVE IT!!!
  • Love this show! Wish there was more shows like this! I'm sick of law and order this or CSI that.

    I love family oriented shows and it seems to fit the bill. The character Nick is perfect for the role he played a similar role on One Tree Hill Jake being a dad and all . Another show I like btw. Hope ABC brings us more shows like this. I have not really watched ABC except for Grey's in a few years till this season. When they brought in What About Brian and Brothers and Sisters I was like alright about time. Now this October Road ABC is doing something right for once.
  • When Nick returns to his small town roots, he learns that- along with a "quirky" group of family, friends, and characters- he may have left a son behind.

    I fear that there is nothing redeemable about this cliche-chick-flick-cum-predictable-television-drama. The acting is poor, the plot uninspired, the characters uninteresting. Frequent band references, overtly themed soundtrack, and wordy exposition feel clunky and forced. Even the muted, autumnal quality of the cinematography seems ill-suited for a spring premiere.

    Almost more problematic than the fact that I just watched the brooding ex-best friend give a "mix tape" to a complete stranger is the presentation of the small town in this trite story. Unlike Gilmore Girls, which uses hyperbole to call attention to it's construction of a typically unusual small town, October Road is more subty disparaging; passive ideology devalues a banal small town culture. For example, "Nick"'s little brother complains that, while Nick may return to New York, he is stuck in the town. Likewise, Nick's friends seem complacent with the unflattering representation of the town he includes in his novel. His ex-best friend is the only one to overtly hold a grudge against him; however, his lame mix-tape antics lose him street cred. In sum, Nick and his plight are un-engaging, the precocious little kid is insufferable, and even the endearing Laura Prepon is no saving grace. I give October Road six episodes, max.
  • moooooola

    moooooola means in spanish cool. I think cool is the best way to define this show so i think it is going to catch me well it cought me already with only one episode and there is a little number of shows that did that when i saw the first chapter. i think it is interesting because this guy change a lot the time he was out of town and the town and the people of the town had changes too. Like his exgirlfriend who has a child misteriously whith peanut alergy and who has 10 years old the time he was out. I think it is going to be great
  • Are you serious?

    Anybody who saw Woody Allen's 1997 film DECONSTRUCTING HARRY thought Wow! That's a really original premise. A guy writes a novel, gets famous only to have pissed off the people in his life who became fodder for his narrative. Clever indeed. But to run an entire series off of this premise is plain crazy. I must admit I am the demographic for this fare and I do relate to these guys on a number of levels but how many rabbits can you pull out of this hat. I think I'd rather watch re-runs of Party Of Five. Don't think i'll be 'road' trippin' anytime again.
  • Nick leaves his hometown after college to travel Europe for six weeks. He planned on returning home after his trip ended, but it didn't work out that way. He returns 10 years later for a short visit, but realizes that he needs to stay longer.

    I just watched this show and was instantly hooked. Most of the characters are well recognized from other shows and movies, which make this show more enjoyable to watch. ABC did a great job on this show, not only with the cast, but with the plot of the show. This show makes up for the loss of One Tree Hill on The CW, but helps to bring in an older crowd that might have forgone watching OTH. This show is definitely a keeper and I highly recommend checking it out. You will find yourself waiting impatiently for the next episode to air. Way to go ABC! You've found another winner!
  • I'm caught!

    If the episodes which are to follow are as interesting as the pilot then I'm hooked! And to think I almost switched the t.v. after Grey's (1 of my faves). Anyways I'm glad I didn't because I really really liked it I hope the writers keep it interesting - as long as they do I'll be watching and you should too!

    October Road - Two thumbs way way UP!, 5 stars the whole Shebang! A Must Must see 4 Thursday night TV.
  • Wow, I've never seen THAT before...

    Okay, so, I like the cast. The kid is adorable. That said, this show is fluff. Cliche writing and an old story that we've heard again and again.

    But I did enjoy it on a feel-good level, and I'll keep it on TiVo for a while. You never know, it could pick up.

    I mean, TV is for enjoyment, not just quality programming. I'll be the first to admit A LOT of my favorite shows suffer in the quality department.

    As a whole, I'll say October Road has potential, and we'll revisit it later. If you're one of those who loved it, more power to you! Embrace it, and pray it stays on the air. I'm not holding my breath.
  • all in all..decent.

    Boy goes away leaves his love behind to pursue his dream to become something big then comes back after some five to ten years, sees his first love then BAAM!!its a very common love story but i think it will get better in time( i hope so)..just glad they did not spend that much time with the flashbacks coz i hate flashbacks!!beautiful actors a plus ( as always) but if they dont come up with good scripts then..hmmm...the pilot is good though..simple, straight to the point. Bryan Greenberg is fairly good. Saw familiar faces from a lot of different sitcoms.
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