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  • When Nick returns to his small town roots, he learns that- along with a "quirky" group of family, friends, and characters- he may have left a son behind.

    I fear that there is nothing redeemable about this cliche-chick-flick-cum-predictable-television-drama. The acting is poor, the plot uninspired, the characters uninteresting. Frequent band references, overtly themed soundtrack, and wordy exposition feel clunky and forced. Even the muted, autumnal quality of the cinematography seems ill-suited for a spring premiere.

    Almost more problematic than the fact that I just watched the brooding ex-best friend give a "mix tape" to a complete stranger is the presentation of the small town in this trite story. Unlike Gilmore Girls, which uses hyperbole to call attention to it's construction of a typically unusual small town, October Road is more subty disparaging; passive ideology devalues a banal small town culture. For example, "Nick"'s little brother complains that, while Nick may return to New York, he is stuck in the town. Likewise, Nick's friends seem complacent with the unflattering representation of the town he includes in his novel. His ex-best friend is the only one to overtly hold a grudge against him; however, his lame mix-tape antics lose him street cred. In sum, Nick and his plight are un-engaging, the precocious little kid is insufferable, and even the endearing Laura Prepon is no saving grace. I give October Road six episodes, max.
  • A good idea with poor writing and trivial unbelievable character plots

    I watched season one of this show most of the way through and one thing I can never (and still can't get past) is the air guitar band. You have got to be kidding me. That is the dumbest crap I have ever seen. Cheesy with a side of cheese whiz. What grown person or even teenaged person thinks it's cool to play fake instruments and lip sync? I am hard pressed to even see a middle schooler doing that kind of stuff. Most kids do reach a point where they want to try to play REAL instruments. I even try to revisit the show on season 2 and they were STILL talking about that cheesy air guitar band. A wife complaining that the husband dedicates time to it... or puts up with it. Not even a hobby, but a pretend hobby. As for the show, the concept seems to be about how great and grand it is to live in the past. The ideas are there, but the translation and writing... it's like a group of romantic 5th graders imagining adulthood. For example, what adult has a choice career dream of a) college teaching prof or window salesman? There's no believability here! This show seriously needs to go - or fire the writers.
  • Guy leaves home not heard of for 10 yrs. Guy writes book that steps on old friends' toes. Drama ensues as guy returns home to find some things have changed, some have remained the same and he may have kid with ex left behind.

    The plot does grab attention with its cookie-cutter prime-time drama. However, the combination of a predictable storyline, sub-par, real-life-less acting, depthless characters and dumbed down, plot leave one feeling like they're watching day-time soaps after dark. I think the plot being developed way quicker than it needs to be, is what may be taking valuable interaction time away from the characters leaving them to perform annoyingly short and doltish. I say this show needs some new writers and a good plot conditioning or it is doomed for cancellation. There is no way that October Road will survive another season if it continues to evolve so quickly and mindlessly.
  • This show is a DISGRACE to the amazing 1996 movie 'Beautiful Girls' starring Timothy Hutton as an artist who returns to his hometown (Knight's Ridge) for his 10 year high school reunion. The very same writers created this show.

    This is a 'summary' of the movie 'Beautiful Girls:'

    During a snowy winter in the small fictional town of Knight's Ridge, Massachusetts, a group of lifelong buddies hang out, drink and struggle to connect with the women who affect their decisions, dreams and desires. Tommy "Birdman" Rowland and Kev, his sidekick, plow snow for a living. A former campus stud, Tommy continues to harbor feelings for his ex-girlfriend Darian, complicating his relationship with current lover Sharon. Paul Kirkwood lives with Birdman and also plows snow. Inexorably drawn to supermodels and the "ideal" woman, he refuses to commit to Jan, his girlfriend of seven years. Traveling from New York where he works the piano bar circuit, Willie Conway is at a crossroads in his life. Although he lives with sharp attorney Tracy Stover, Willie cannot commit to the relationship. In Knight's Ridge, he meets Marty, a 13 year-old "heartbreaker in training" and Andera, Stinky's cousin from Chicago, who compel Willie to reassess the value of his life and his relationship with Tracy.

    This is a 'summary' for 'October Road:'

    A successful novelist who burned all his bridges when he left his small town (Knight's Ridge) ten years prior returns home to teach at the local university and finds it more difficult to reconnect with family and friends than he thought - they don't think kindly of him since he skewered them all in his wildly popular book.
  • poor, hate it

    A guy (One Tree Hill's Bryan Greenberg) tells his girl (That '70s Show's Laura Prepon) that he's off to spend six weeks in Europe and will be back to resume their lives together. Ten years later...the guy, Nick, lives in Manhattan and has written a best-selling autobiographical novel that's been made into a movie. When he's invited back to his old hometown for a lecture engagement, he sees his girl and his old buddies, and gee, guess what? They are mostly pissed at him. (His defense for his fictional caricatures? ''I tried to change the names — they wouldn't have it!'')

    Such is the premise of the achingly sincere, deeply unbelievable October Road. There's no way this self-absorbed artiste would, as he does, decide to move back home. The characters talk either stiltedly (''Which begs the question, Why did you run out of here?'') or slangily (''Your eyes are off the hinge!''). The series strains for a small-town, quirky vibe — think Ed crossed with Everwood — but lacks charm. Prepon does a fine job as a sensible single mom, who insists her 9-year-old son isn't Nick's (yeah, right). This is a show whose idea of cute-quirk is giving one of Nick's old pals crippling agoraphobia and playing it for laughs. I felt sorry for older pros like Tom Berenger as Nick's weary dad, and Penny Johnson Jerald (24's Sherry Palmer!) as a college dean whom Nick begs for a teaching job by tossing pebbles at her window at night. Throw a rock back at him, Penny.
  • Boring.

    This was basically a show for those who like dramas that are slow paced and go nowhere. I am actually glad this show isn't popular because it just seems so forced and predictable. It basically is like every other drama of year's past. I will admit that the acting was decent. They had some decent actors and actresses that made the show worth watching for 10 minutes. I like the fact that the show is gone for the time being because it was a shame that the actors and actresses were got up in a show that would go nowhere. Thank you.
  • A mediocre show whose poor characters and cliché writing never allow it to achieve the promise of it’s brilliant soundtrack.

    The best thing about this show is the music. Unfortunately you will be hard pressed to find anything else to like. The small town of Knights Ridge is as pretty as a postcard and the matte and/or CG used to achieve that effect is painfully apparent. But as bad as the special effects are, the plot is even worse. I was stunned by the excellent song choices and truly wanted to like this show but as much as I tried... I failed. Given the initial plot premise even a ten-year-old could’ve written a better show. The very first time we see that Mom of the "wise beyond his years" kid is Nick's old flame we can see the end of the episode and by hitting the viewer over the head several times with "Garrett men are all allergic to nuts" even the mechanism of the big reveal comes as no surprise.

    All-in-all the show was predictable and boring. My suggestion to improve the show would be to throw out everything but the soundtrack and start over again from scratch. Oh... and hire better writers.
  • Are you serious?

    Anybody who saw Woody Allen's 1997 film DECONSTRUCTING HARRY thought Wow! That's a really original premise. A guy writes a novel, gets famous only to have pissed off the people in his life who became fodder for his narrative. Clever indeed. But to run an entire series off of this premise is plain crazy. I must admit I am the demographic for this fare and I do relate to these guys on a number of levels but how many rabbits can you pull out of this hat. I think I'd rather watch re-runs of Party Of Five. Don't think i'll be 'road' trippin' anytime again.
  • For soap opera fans only.

    There isnt much original here. Standard drama with large ensemble cast. This author guy, Nick, comes home after being gone for 10 years trying to solve his writers block. There are various sub plots about off beat people Nick knows. That’s about it. Not sure where this one would go other than Nick continually bumping into people he knew from his past. The absurd names of some of these charactes such as “The Commander” is just plain goofy; along with “Big Cat” and “Physical Phil”. Ugh.

    In episode 2 there was the awful peanut allergy business concerning a kid he thought was his. The scene in the bar was absurd. Who would stand up and ask “Who here has a nut allergy?” Double Ugh. . He is surprised when the Dean of the University where he applies for a job questions whether he stay long term. I wouldn’t hire a guy like him until he was in town for a year or more and showed he was serious about staying. Even worse was when Nick pathetically begged the Dean of the University for job by throwing pebbles at her window at night like a guy trying to get a girls attention – this was extremely weird use of a standard cliché. A show like this would appeal to people who like Prime Time soap opera type relationship shows. I channel surfed thru half of it and didn’t feel like I missed anything. It’s a decent show but it just doesn’t interest me enough to watch it every week; theres really nothing new or special about it. But I must say Id rather see shows like this of Friday Night Lights on the schedule than endless CSI or American Idol clones, even if Im not watching it.

    If a mushroom cloud appeared over Boston and Nick was looking at it, this might get interesting. Otherwise? Ill pass. Please pass the Peanuts....
  • I get the feeling we've seen this show before.

    Is it "Party of Five?" No no, I think it is "Providence." But wait, it could be "Judging Amy." Ok, I'll try not to be too mean about this passable show. But it's just too hard to resist not saying something negative about a show that seems to have ripped off the same cliche' formula of young rural 20-something melodramas out there.

    We have seen this show before. Most of us do not want to see the same cliche's again and again. It is also so highly predictable each episode: girl loves guy, guy gets involved in some "frat-stupidity" with his friends, girl gets upset, and the valentine bursts. Oh, come on!

    The only saving grace: the casting of newcomer Odette Yustman. This is not a great show.
  • I don't understand how a show about a writer, could have the worst writing ever!

    So, I started watching this with really high hopes. The premise was good, and it would be really easy to build on this show. But then, after a couple of minutes, I realized that the writing was something to be desired. Everything fell into place to perfectly. At first I thought it was the acting (although Laura Prepon is sorta horrible), but then everything became clear. Although some people might like it, just because it is simple, I personally feel like they need to roughen it up a bit.
  • Booring even for a soap!

    Well that wasn't very good was it. The acting was average, although the story line was so fresh, after all how many shows have there been about somebody returning back home after being gone for ten years? What was really annoying was the soundtrack, the main characters were 18 in 1997, there was a poster of Curt Cobain over the bed, and in his apartment. But the soundtrack included Boston, Thin Lizzy and a reference to REO Speedwagon, if he had left in 1977 this may have made more sense.

    In terms of writing anyone writer who can combine "dude", "wicked" and "trash our REO Speedwagon" in the same conversation should be up for a Grammy. Also, correct me if I am wrong but did I hear Hannah say REO Speedwagon records? Records not CDs? Again this was supposed to be 1997. Then there is the wooden tennis racket. I swear this town must be caught in a time warp.

    This is replacing Men in Trees? Granted this Northern Exposure meets Friends program wasn't the greatest, but it certainly was better then Octber Road
  • Wow, I've never seen THAT before...

    Okay, so, I like the cast. The kid is adorable. That said, this show is fluff. Cliche writing and an old story that we've heard again and again.

    But I did enjoy it on a feel-good level, and I'll keep it on TiVo for a while. You never know, it could pick up.

    I mean, TV is for enjoyment, not just quality programming. I'll be the first to admit A LOT of my favorite shows suffer in the quality department.

    As a whole, I'll say October Road has potential, and we'll revisit it later. If you're one of those who loved it, more power to you! Embrace it, and pray it stays on the air. I'm not holding my breath.
  • Nick heads out to see the world and leaves behind a plethora of people who wish he would just stay.The people he left behind have secrets that caused them to build up walls to keep him out. But the child who may be his son didn’t build a wall…

    Well after all of the commercials leading up to the show premier I didn’t really need to watch the first two episodes. I admit it looked good. I wanted to get hooked, but that didn’t happen even after 2 episodes. Since it comes on after Grey’s Anatomy I have still been watching it. I think it is going places; it definitely has potential, although it is quickly getting too complicated. Hannah decides to break-up with that guy as soon as the star starts making out with his student, what is that about!?! I think this would have made a way better movie. You know he leaves, comes back… Leave out the girl from the college and this would make an excellent movie.
  • Autumn in New England type of show, good characters and will fit with any age group, also if concerned if it is appropriate for young viewers- it is.

    This appears, atleast from the pilot to be a very good show and each episode should be just as good if this is done right. Only complaint is where the blonde girl says "We threw out all of our REO Speedwagon albumns" and the first song was Boston's Don't look back. These folks are only 28, they would have to be 45 now to have really been into that kind of music. Music does not make sense for the age of the characters. If I hear any Allman Brothers songs, that is just really going to annoy me enough to not watch. Again, the age of the characters and music do not fit.
  • A decent show, fun to watch but soooo cheesy.

    Like I said, it was a fun show, I definitely had fun watching it. There were some interesting characters and some sub-plots were ok. But boy was it cheesy? Cheesy town, with cheesy autumn red leaves all year long (either that or snowing, which is also cheesy), the cheesy train passing... I don't know, they tried so hard to show everything so perfectly beautiful and quaint that it ended up being...you know... cheesy. The pizza girl, cheesy. The story between Eddie Latekka and Janet, cheesy. The air guitar band...extremely cheesy. I think the character of Ikey was the one I like the most. I also have to say that I liked the acting; I will miss Laura Prepon and Bryan Greenberg.
  • Would have made a great ABC original movie.

    The acting is fabulous, and was the reason the show drew me in in the first place. Laura Prepon is amazing, and Bryan Greenberg is addicting. I also love the little boy, Slade Pearce. He's adorable, and can really act!

    The plot, however, is what doesn't cut it for me. Either Nick is Sam's dad, or he isn't. That's the whole show, right there. Not much room to grow.

    The filming and effects and stuff are mediocre at best. a lot of the themes are overused and predictable. Seems more like a movie than a TV show.
  • This show looks great!

    This show absolutely looks great, usually I don't like to watch any of these kind of shows but this one looks really good I just cant wait to watch the first episode, which premiers tonight anyhow! I am going to just love this show because it has all the qualities of a great show and it seems just so interesting with all the different character plots and just everything, it looks amazing! Even with the show looking great the characters are just awesome, there are many top actors and actresses who will steal not only the show but your hearts as well, this looks like a great show and again I can not wait to watch it!
  • New series that was wrongfully given bad reviews (in my opinion)

    We meet a guy named Nick who grew up in small town. He leaves his family, friends, and his girlfriend Hannah and writes a best seller. When he comes back, 10 years later, he's met with mixed emotions from those he left behind and from within. Some things have changed, some haven't. He run's into Hannah who introduces him to her ten year old son, Sam. Nick wonders if the child is his, but Hannah tells him that he's not the father. Nick came back to teach a one day college course, but after spending a few days in his home town he decides to stay. This series looks promising. I love the cast and I'm looking forward to seeing how this show plays out.
  • The good guy, the awesome friend, the love of your life... the main character Nick Garret was all those things until he left home and did not come back for 10 years. What he comes back to surprises even him.

    This is another show it took me a while to get into. I love Bryan Greenberg and Laura Prepon so I thought I would give it a go. Turns out after ep 3 that it got very interesting and I found someone to hate alot... thats always good when a show starts. I feel no sympathy for Ray Cataldo even if he has pretty eyes. But yeah this show definitely grows on you. I hope and pray it comes back.
  • moooooola

    moooooola means in spanish cool. I think cool is the best way to define this show so i think it is going to catch me well it cought me already with only one episode and there is a little number of shows that did that when i saw the first chapter. i think it is interesting because this guy change a lot the time he was out of town and the town and the people of the town had changes too. Like his exgirlfriend who has a child misteriously whith peanut alergy and who has 10 years old the time he was out. I think it is going to be great
  • all in all..decent.

    Boy goes away leaves his love behind to pursue his dream to become something big then comes back after some five to ten years, sees his first love then BAAM!!its a very common love story but i think it will get better in time( i hope so)..just glad they did not spend that much time with the flashbacks coz i hate flashbacks!!beautiful actors a plus ( as always) but if they dont come up with good scripts then..hmmm...the pilot is good though..simple, straight to the point. Bryan Greenberg is fairly good. Saw familiar faces from a lot of different sitcoms.
  • Wasn't this a movie in the 90's?

    Fantastic show. But seriously, could it be any more of a direct copy of the movie Beautiful Girls? Of course a few tweaks here and there: protagonist is a writer not a pianist, back for a lecture not a reunion, the blond is an old girlfriend not a beautiful stranger, but come on! Fortunately I loved the movie so I'll watch the show and see how it goes. So far the soundtrack is impressive, the cinematography is whimsical, and the actors on board have proven themselves previously on some fabulous shows. The last scene of the pilot left a little to be desired, it was a bit trite in my opinion. But I think this one shows some promise!
  • Witty characters and the timeless story of endless love makes my Monday nights something to look forward to.

    Well, I'll start with me falling in love with the lead character, Bryan Greenberg when he first appeared on One Tree Hill. I had high hopes that he we come back to that show to reclaim Peyton's heart but to find him laying down new roots on, October Road, I was very excited. I rooted weekly for the Relationship between him and Hannah to but to no avail. The show deserved a better chance to prove itself as the fantastic nighttime soap I knew it to be. Needless to say although the show was a bit anticlimatic the book would have been much better.
  • Great Show!!

    This is just one of the many shows i told my sister was dumb. Then i got addicted to it big surprise right. I started watching it a couple of days ago. sadly i also finished it a couple of days ago. I loved the entire show, every single episode of it. I laughed, I cried, and I wouldn't shut up about it to my family and my friends( All 2 of them). The last episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Then I became deeply depressed when I realized that their wasn't going to be another episode. I know thats kind of silly because i told my sister that i couldn't wait for the series finale but when i realized it was over.......**weeps**......
  • A Fantastic Show...

    It's really Sad to see this show coming to an end.. There were a lot of loose ends in this show which a lot of fans wanted an answer to and are not going to get it.

    I would highly recommend this show to everyone as it is a very sweet story and realistic.

    The Characters in the Show were Great as they all had a story behind them and were all connected.

    We have seen some mistakes being done and we have learned how hard it is to forgive but at the end forgiveness is the only hope.

    A Very good Show and it is a shame that it has come to an end as it had a lot of potential.
  • October Road is a show that asks the question "Can you go back home?" It a story about old friends reuniting after 10 years. Things have changed and so have the people.

    October Road is probably one of my most favorite shows. I love all the characters. The story lines are good too. But the cast keeps my coming back, you can tell they get along well. The show keeps me wondering if Nick and Hannah will be together or will Nick date Aubrey. Will Eddie forgive Nick for leaving and will they open their new store together. Will Owen really forgive Allison. Will Icky end up working for Ray? And the number one question is someone else really Sam's father? I would recommend this show to anyone who likes comedy, romance, and a great cast of actors. And i really love the Eddie and Janet love connection going on. And ordinary girl dating a football star.
  • October Road is one of the best new shows this season. It has a great storyline as well as an awesome cast. I would recommend this show to anyone who enjoys a good drama.

    October Road is about Nick Garret who left town on after graduation and didn’t return for ten years leaving behind his friends and family. In his absence Nick became a writer and wrote a book which seemed to rub the people of his home town the wrong way. Nick came back to town to do a presentation at the local college but after seeing his friends and family again decides to stay permanently. When Nick returns some people are not as willing to let him back into their lives like his ex-girlfriend Hannah Daniels played by Laura Prepon and his ex-best friend Eddie Latekka played by Geoff Stults. Upon returning to town Nick learns Hannah has a ten year old son named Sam who he believes could be his child. I am really happy to hear October Road will be coming back next season. This show has a lot of potential and if done correctly I believe it could be a long lasting series. I cannot wait for the new episodes to begin because not only do I love the show but I also love the cast.
  • Nick Garrett, when returning home after being away for ten years, questions himself. Once back home on OR he quickly discovers that the circle of friends whose teenaged lives he wrote about have since settled into blue collar careers and started families.

    This episode was great. Way better than I thought it would be. The plot of the show make sense, it was not boring at all. I especially liked the way the story started in the past tense and I enjoyed the use of flashbacks. I definitely can't wait until next weeks episode. The audience is definitely left wanting more. You really want to know what happens next, with the boy, and if he does reconcile with his former friends. Also the actors chosen for the show are great. I especially like Bryan Greenberg, I really like his acting and he really brings the character to life. Also seeing the many "stars" that have appeared on many other show is great.
  • "Ed" for 20 somethings!

    Quick thoughts on the show:
    I enjoy this show as it has a genuinely good nature so far. It seems Nick is the guy to get the ball rolling in the right direction for everyone in Knights Ridge again. As he sees the consequences of the decisions his friends have made he has to look at how his own decisions have effected his life. He is the missing piece to restore what his own family lost with the death of his mother. This show doesn't glorify the poor decisions the characters make and instead shows how they try to deal with them.

    "Ed" Similarities
    He is a big shot who initially moves home to pursue a lost love. Ed was a big city lawyer who moved home to pursue the homecoming queen. Let me guess, in the future Nick will have a few relationships with a bunch of different women and eventually end up with Carol...um I mean Hannah. The writers would do us all a favor if they avoided this scenario as Hannah just doesn't seem a good fit for Nick (and they would avoid the predictability). Nick takes a job paying almost nothing at the local school and Ed bought a bowling alley and eventually used it as a law office. They both seemingly take a step back in their respective careers. He rekindles relationships with his old friends from high school and hangs out at a local tavern called "The Smiling Goat" or is that also from "Ed" (I'm confused). Hannah has an overweight friend who she confides in named Molly...umm I mean Janet. I think that's enough similarities for everyone to get the picture. That being said I do enjoy the show because there is not much else good on and I really enjoyed "Ed".
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