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  • October Road!

    I found the show on Hulu, I have been binge watching it, it's one of my favorites! Well today I unexpectedly watched the last episode, I want more, but as I've researched there are not any more to be watched!! How is it that something so great could be cancelled so soon, I am devastated! Please please please bring. It back!!


    October Road Fans Everywhere!
  • bring it back plz

    i need more seasons plz bring it back, i think the cw would be a good place for it
  • Best show

    I loved this show. Was so sad when it was no longer on. I just recently found it on HULU and re-watching it. Why do good shows like this get pulled?

  • Boring.

    This was basically a show for those who like dramas that are slow paced and go nowhere. I am actually glad this show isn't popular because it just seems so forced and predictable. It basically is like every other drama of year's past. I will admit that the acting was decent. They had some decent actors and actresses that made the show worth watching for 10 minutes. I like the fact that the show is gone for the time being because it was a shame that the actors and actresses were got up in a show that would go nowhere. Thank you.
  • October Road.

    BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!We have enough hospital/doctor shows and dancing/singing shows, and game shows. This show was about things that can happen to anyone these days. It was about a kid who makes mistakes and tries to fix them. I can't believe the networks don't keep shows that good ratings but keep the ones that don't. I think if you bring it back and have it on a good night/time people would watch it. We need more shows like this one instead of dancing,singing,medical,and games. Why would keep the Bachlor on after what happend on the last one. Please bring it back. I thought it was just off the air for the writers strike.
  • A well written, well acted show with engaging characters and story lines that was geared towards an audience that appreciated style and substance.

    The characters were charming. You get the feeling you would like them and want them as friends. The locale was picture perfect small town America where maybe they weren't as provincial as Boston or New York City but in most way they were more real. It was a town I'd like to live with people I'd like to meet. What more can you say? Smart, witty television is as hard to find these days as $1.50 gallon gas so when you find it you would like to keep it. It's a shame the networks don't care about good television. For whatever reason they couldn't see "October Road" enough which tells me all I need to know on Television networks and the American viewing public. They would rather watch some cheesy "reality" show. They deserve what they get.
  • Realistic show that definitley deserves another chance on the air. two thumbs way up!

    I came across October Road completely by accident, & was instantly addicted. I loved the everyday life experiences that were represented in the show. It had a true boy/girl next door feel.. not too hollywood. You would have to appreciate the realisim in this show.. the friends that can break your heart.. love triangles... children... affairs & break-ups... the idea that everything the characters are going through in the show can very well happen to you makes it that much more appealing. definitley a favorite for me.
    I blame the cancellation on bad air timing... BRING IT BACK!!!! we miss it ;)
  • Please bring it back - an awesome show that is the only thing worth watching!!!!

    October Road was/ could be a great show that could generate a huge following. The time slot was a little late and the show did not receive a lot of advertising. The plot, characters and story were what us 30 somethings need. There are enough hospital and detective shows - an escape, drama, comedy, touch your heart show is what we need!!!!! The story line could easily be related to and each episode left you waiting for the next. This show is my all time favorite. We started out with 90210, Melrose Place, One Tree Hill, but we've outgrown 90210 and One Tree Hill - something more mature is a must!
  • October Road was a great show, and I am still upset that it hasn't been brought back yet.

    I would love to know if there is any chance of October Road being brought back. I really miss this show alot. It was original and full of excitement and lots of romance. It also had the drawn on anticipation of wondering who Sams father really was and if Hannah and Nick would ever get together. Not to mention the other lively, fun couples on the show. I can't help but wonder why shows with ratings like 8.5 are taken off the air. Why??? I would love for this one to be reconsidered and brought back on any night. I'll be there watching.
  • Witty characters and the timeless story of endless love makes my Monday nights something to look forward to.

    Well, I'll start with me falling in love with the lead character, Bryan Greenberg when he first appeared on One Tree Hill. I had high hopes that he we come back to that show to reclaim Peyton's heart but to find him laying down new roots on, October Road, I was very excited. I rooted weekly for the Relationship between him and Hannah to but to no avail. The show deserved a better chance to prove itself as the fantastic nighttime soap I knew it to be. Needless to say although the show was a bit anticlimatic the book would have been much better.
  • Keep October Road alive!

    This show is the best show on tv, please bring back "October Road" even if it's on another network. I'd follow this show on any channel, even if I had to pay for it. There's so many great storylines going on and I couldn't wait to see where they were going with all of them. I know that us fans get a 15 min. finale but that just not enough...I love this show! I think cancelling this show is a huge mistake for ABC to do this, it seems to me that there are a lot of fans out there that would appreciate seeing another season!
  • This show had everything that a good drama needs. Multiple relationships, suspense, and kept you hanging from week to week. The characters were interesting and were the type regular folk could relate to; in short it reflected real life situations.

    I don't know why networks keep starting drama series and then when people get hooked on them they pull the plug for no good reason. This isn't the first good show that has been abruptly pulled recently.

    I was especially enjoying the development of the realtionship between Nick and his son which I felt was headed for some interesting revelations.

    There is so much potential for this show. Many interpersonal realtionships to be developed. This show could have the life span of 7th Heaven.

    I think someone should reconsider their decision to cancel this show. It was left with no conclusion and an expectation that it would return.

    Bring it back!!! Please !!
  • Such a good TV Show. Aubry and Nick are awesome.

    This show was amazing! But to have it cut off with so many unanaswered questions just kills me! I NEED TO KNOW! Someone needs to pick it up and start it up again.
    With all those questions of whether Nick and Aubry stay together after Nick's brother, Ronnie, kisses Aubry in the season finale of Season 2.
    Or how is everything going to turn out as Ikey is let back into the group.
    Does the Beer girl ever turn to guys and come back for Owen.
    Does Big Cat ruin the window shops life. Just so many questions were left unanswered and it is something that needs to be answered.
  • Bring it back!

    October Road was my number one favorite, it beat out Grey's Anatomy for me at least. I really enjoyed the story line and I was very interested in finding out who Sam's father was. I thought the town of Knights Ridge was a great setting and the story was very easy to follow but not predictable. I am very upset that ABC canceled this series, it was a bad decision. I was looking forward to October Roads return all summer until I googled it to see when it's season premiere was and found out that I will never get to know the ending of the story. I really wish another network would pick this one up. I wouldn't miss an episode.
  • I can't believe that the series is over. There are so many unanswered questions. For one who is Sam's Dad Nick or Eddie? Will Janet and Eddie make it past the Roost episode? Ikey has just been allowed back in the group, it is all past them now. Owen?

    I can't believe that the series is over. There are so many unanswered questions. For one who is Sam's Dad Nick or Eddie? Will Janet and Eddie make it past the Roost episode? Ikey has just been allowed back in the group, it is all past them now.How is Owen and his? Are they back together or has too much happened to them? About the Commander does he make it through cancer? Hanna Jane needs to dump Cat and go back to Nick. Does Ronnie and Aubrey start dating? You need to bring back October Road, you didn't give it a good chance.
  • Great Show!!

    This is just one of the many shows i told my sister was dumb. Then i got addicted to it big surprise right. I started watching it a couple of days ago. sadly i also finished it a couple of days ago. I loved the entire show, every single episode of it. I laughed, I cried, and I wouldn't shut up about it to my family and my friends( All 2 of them). The last episode had me sitting on the edge of my seat. Then I became deeply depressed when I realized that their wasn't going to be another episode. I know thats kind of silly because i told my sister that i couldn't wait for the series finale but when i realized it was over.......**weeps**......
  • A Fantastic Show...

    It's really Sad to see this show coming to an end.. There were a lot of loose ends in this show which a lot of fans wanted an answer to and are not going to get it.

    I would highly recommend this show to everyone as it is a very sweet story and realistic.

    The Characters in the Show were Great as they all had a story behind them and were all connected.

    We have seen some mistakes being done and we have learned how hard it is to forgive but at the end forgiveness is the only hope.

    A Very good Show and it is a shame that it has come to an end as it had a lot of potential.
  • A decent show, fun to watch but soooo cheesy.

    Like I said, it was a fun show, I definitely had fun watching it. There were some interesting characters and some sub-plots were ok. But boy was it cheesy? Cheesy town, with cheesy autumn red leaves all year long (either that or snowing, which is also cheesy), the cheesy train passing... I don't know, they tried so hard to show everything so perfectly beautiful and quaint that it ended up being...you know... cheesy. The pizza girl, cheesy. The story between Eddie Latekka and Janet, cheesy. The air guitar band...extremely cheesy. I think the character of Ikey was the one I like the most. I also have to say that I liked the acting; I will miss Laura Prepon and Bryan Greenberg.
  • This show is about a guy who returns home after 10 years to make amends with the friends and family he left behind, and wrote a book about, which doesn't make them look very good.

    I absolutely love this show! October Road is the best out there, of course this is my personal opinion. I have never been so in love with a show. October Road depicts the lives of these characters in such a real way. The drama that goes on in their lives is not over the top but realistic, and slower paced. I love that the characters themselves are very real and down to earth people that are easy to relate too. The actors who portray the characters are absolutely amazing, I love Bryan Greenberg in the role of Nick, he is so talented. The writers are brilliant and bring across witty, intelligent writing, mixed with drama and humour perfectly. The music is amazing and has introduced me to so many new artists, like Ryan Adams, Ian Ball, and Borne. My ipod playlist has expanded by ten-fold. I really hope we get a season 3 of October Road, I don't know what I will do without it!
  • My Favorite Show Ever!

    October Road is by far my favorite TV show ever. I have watched this show since the very first day, and I cannot stop thinking about it. This show is one that you just cannot wait until the next episode to see what happens. It actually gives me goosbumps at times, its sooo good. I have never seen a show that has captured me up like October Road has done to me. I own season 1 on DVD and cannot wait for season 2 to come out on DVD. October Road has the biggest fan base I have ever seen for one tv show. There are posts and blogs all over the internet of loyal fans for the saving of October Road. We all want to see a 3rd season of October Road AT LEAST! ABC must take a look at all of the effort us faithfull supporters have put into saving this show. It is plain to see that this show will without a doubt have enough support for at least another season. Long Live October Road. Sincerely~ a faithfull ROADIE!
  • October Road is now one of my new favorite shows. I can't belive it's ratings are not better than what they are. I really think it's because most people have not heard about the show or at least the ones I talk to haven't.

    I absolutely LOVE this show. At first I thought it looked a little lame but wathced it anyway & I was almost immediately hooked! The characters are great and the show is very down to earth. There are so many couples in the show that are fun to follow. It is really hard to choose a favorite. This show makes me laugh and is a great alternative for those who think Desperate Housewives can be a bit much. Though I love that show too! It's just refreshing to watch something more realisitic every now and then. I think this show and Men in Trees are my new two favorite. I would follow that with Grey's Anatomy & Survivor.
  • Hopefully a show that grows in popularity.

    I just watched the pilot and I think this show has great potential. I was surprised how quickly I started to relate to certain characters, feel for them, laugh with them. It happened really quickly, which can only be a good thing. I Really hope it continues to grow and doesn't get the axe. It makes you want to jump through the screen and become a part of Knight's Ridge. A great cast with great chemistry. It's been reviewed badly my several critics but we'll see after a few episodes whether or not people are liking it, but I know I do. I look forward to next weeks episode.
  • October Road is such an awesome show...The season finale was so intense and it left you wanting more!!! We need Season 3 to get our answers...We can't be left hanging like this...

    All of the characters rocked this episode...They are all so personable and just make you feel like you live in Knights Ridge too...You can't help but get hooked on this show...It's great television at it's best!!! There are so many cliff hangers in this episode that it left you on the edge of your seat wanting more...Will Janet and Eddie get back together? Is Rory staying in town? What did the kiss between Ronnie and Aubrey mean now? The air band is back together again!!! We love that...And the all important questions everyone wants to know is...Who is Sam's father??? Love this show...Bring it back soon!!!
  • While shows like "Lost", "Prison Break" or "Jericho" obviously appeal to some, October Road is appreciated by those of us who don't care for science fiction, violence or ongoing disaster! I truly hope to see this one back in the Fall.

    Like a favorite novel, I was drawn to the town, the characters and storyline. Watching it unfold, sometimes not necessarily agreeing with where the story headed, I wound up eagerly waiting for the next episode. The characters are so believable, I found myself comparing many of them to people I have known, hoping the good folks get their sweet reward and the not-so-good ones get what's coming! The setting resembles so many little towns I've passed through, while imagining what life is like in these places. October Road has given me a glimpse...and like the book I hold so dear, I never want it to end.
  • In this episode the guys learn that their childhood friend had died in a car accident. Although they barely remebered her until they had learned that she had died. It shows how much of an effect she had on them.

    This is my favorite episode to date. It reminds me of me only I was never the one to move away. The music in this episode is absoutely perfect although all of those songs came out when I was in high school as opposed to when I was ten.

    The little kids in this episode were very good and I think it was well written. I still don't quite understand Physical Phil. Kind of cheesy how that came about.

    I was happy to see everybody at the end end up with their significant other and Phil got to say good bye when he had seen the butterfly in his bedroom even though he couldn't go to the funeral.
  • This episode was very deep. It made you realize that tomorrow may never come and that we may have missed the opportunity to let people know just how special they are to us.

    "Stand Alone By Me" is a great show. It certainly makes you think (and most of us do not want to think about when that good friend is no longer with us). I like the direction the show is taking, and that now the guys are looking deep inside themselves and what can be taken away in a heart beat. Friendships are very important! I like the flashbacks so that we knew the bond and just how long deep it was.

    This is one of the best shows on TV and I sure hope it is renewed.


    Can anyone tell me the name and artist of the song what was played at the funeral?
  • This is the best new show on telivision!!

    This is the best show since Greys Anatomy! The characters and writing are great. Each character has its own depth and believability. The hometown feel and lingo add to it's lovabilty and the "air band" jam sessions are so hilarious...it brings me back to my own adolesence! This is the first show that I go to on my TIVO list and I actually save to watch during the off season! Kudos for the Janet/Eddie pairing. Romance doesn't always come in a size 2! I would like to see the writers delve more into the Physical Phil storyline and get him out of the house ...He's an interesting character and Pizza girl can't wait forever! Curious to see how the Hannah/Nick/Big Cat love triangle (and paternity test) will go... but this show definitely makes the wait worth it!
  • OCTOBER ROAD is one of the best dramas ever made on television. It's way better than GREY'S ANATOMY. It's way funnier than DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES. And it's way perfect than UGLY BETTY.

    Bryan Greenberg stars as Nick Garrett, a successful writer returning to his hometown of Knights Ridge, Massachusetts, after being away for 10 years. When Nick finally returned home, he must face his own past and the people he left behind, including his former love, Hannah (played by Laura Prepon). Unbeknownst to Nick, Hannah had a 10-year-old son named Sam and the identity of Sam's father will likely to be a secret until the truth comes out. I am glad to see Laura Prepon back on television since her days as Donna on THAT '70s SHOW and I hope that OCTOBER ROAD will be a huge hit for ABC.
  • A good idea with poor writing and trivial unbelievable character plots

    I watched season one of this show most of the way through and one thing I can never (and still can't get past) is the air guitar band. You have got to be kidding me. That is the dumbest crap I have ever seen. Cheesy with a side of cheese whiz. What grown person or even teenaged person thinks it's cool to play fake instruments and lip sync? I am hard pressed to even see a middle schooler doing that kind of stuff. Most kids do reach a point where they want to try to play REAL instruments. I even try to revisit the show on season 2 and they were STILL talking about that cheesy air guitar band. A wife complaining that the husband dedicates time to it... or puts up with it. Not even a hobby, but a pretend hobby. As for the show, the concept seems to be about how great and grand it is to live in the past. The ideas are there, but the translation and writing... it's like a group of romantic 5th graders imagining adulthood. For example, what adult has a choice career dream of a) college teaching prof or window salesman? There's no believability here! This show seriously needs to go - or fire the writers.
  • "Ed" for 20 somethings!

    Quick thoughts on the show:
    I enjoy this show as it has a genuinely good nature so far. It seems Nick is the guy to get the ball rolling in the right direction for everyone in Knights Ridge again. As he sees the consequences of the decisions his friends have made he has to look at how his own decisions have effected his life. He is the missing piece to restore what his own family lost with the death of his mother. This show doesn't glorify the poor decisions the characters make and instead shows how they try to deal with them.

    "Ed" Similarities
    He is a big shot who initially moves home to pursue a lost love. Ed was a big city lawyer who moved home to pursue the homecoming queen. Let me guess, in the future Nick will have a few relationships with a bunch of different women and eventually end up with Carol...um I mean Hannah. The writers would do us all a favor if they avoided this scenario as Hannah just doesn't seem a good fit for Nick (and they would avoid the predictability). Nick takes a job paying almost nothing at the local school and Ed bought a bowling alley and eventually used it as a law office. They both seemingly take a step back in their respective careers. He rekindles relationships with his old friends from high school and hangs out at a local tavern called "The Smiling Goat" or is that also from "Ed" (I'm confused). Hannah has an overweight friend who she confides in named Molly...umm I mean Janet. I think that's enough similarities for everyone to get the picture. That being said I do enjoy the show because there is not much else good on and I really enjoyed "Ed".