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  • "Ed" for 20 somethings!

    Quick thoughts on the show:
    I enjoy this show as it has a genuinely good nature so far. It seems Nick is the guy to get the ball rolling in the right direction for everyone in Knights Ridge again. As he sees the consequences of the decisions his friends have made he has to look at how his own decisions have effected his life. He is the missing piece to restore what his own family lost with the death of his mother. This show doesn't glorify the poor decisions the characters make and instead shows how they try to deal with them.

    "Ed" Similarities
    He is a big shot who initially moves home to pursue a lost love. Ed was a big city lawyer who moved home to pursue the homecoming queen. Let me guess, in the future Nick will have a few relationships with a bunch of different women and eventually end up with Carol...um I mean Hannah. The writers would do us all a favor if they avoided this scenario as Hannah just doesn't seem a good fit for Nick (and they would avoid the predictability). Nick takes a job paying almost nothing at the local school and Ed bought a bowling alley and eventually used it as a law office. They both seemingly take a step back in their respective careers. He rekindles relationships with his old friends from high school and hangs out at a local tavern called "The Smiling Goat" or is that also from "Ed" (I'm confused). Hannah has an overweight friend who she confides in named Molly...umm I mean Janet. I think that's enough similarities for everyone to get the picture. That being said I do enjoy the show because there is not much else good on and I really enjoyed "Ed".
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