October Road

ABC (ended 2008)





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  • October Road is now one of my new favorite shows. I can't belive it's ratings are not better than what they are. I really think it's because most people have not heard about the show or at least the ones I talk to haven't.

    I absolutely LOVE this show. At first I thought it looked a little lame but wathced it anyway & I was almost immediately hooked! The characters are great and the show is very down to earth. There are so many couples in the show that are fun to follow. It is really hard to choose a favorite. This show makes me laugh and is a great alternative for those who think Desperate Housewives can be a bit much. Though I love that show too! It's just refreshing to watch something more realisitic every now and then. I think this show and Men in Trees are my new two favorite. I would follow that with Grey's Anatomy & Survivor.