October Road

Season 1 Episode 4

Secrets and Guys

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 2007 on ABC
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Hannah and Janet send Sam on a secret mission that leads to a tragic conclusion; Ronnie and Nick find out The Commander's secret; Ikey and Eddie are angry when they find out Big Cat has been stealing their clients; and Physical Phil plans a date with the pizza girl.moreless

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  • 104

    Oh my god, this is an amazing series. I am so upset right now that this show got canceled so early in it's season's run. So much eventful things happen in each episode, it's crazy. Not to mention, the cinematography is absolutely amazing.

    From Aubrey & Nick nearly kissing the class room to the emotional ending with Sam going on his bike facing the peanut reaction. We have to look back to see how amazing this episode really was. The peanut reaction was mentioned in the first episode of the series, and so far, this series has used that so well.

    The final scenes of this episode were just so heartbreaking, and every episode has been superb and eventful. More people really needed to watch this show back when it was airing, or it should have got a better time slot, because this is easily one of the most addicting dramas I have ever seen.

    The twist with Leslie dating Nick's father was really great, and it just tied in so well with the pilot with Nick's seminar. I love this show! I cannot wait till the next episode, and all I can say is that I hope Sammy makes it.moreless
  • The Dean catches Nick and Aubrey almost kissing and puts a stop to it. Ronnie and Nick think the Commander might be dating or keeping something from them. And Owen Rowan throws a birthday part for his wife, where trouble occurs!moreless

    First of all, I want Nick and Hannah back together, but I kind of think Aubrey and Nick are a little cute together, maybe they should just remain friends. I love the Commander with his Snippety-Loos! So great, that may be my favorite October Road line. Ronnie was so cute trying to convince Nick that their father was dating again. The scene between Nick, the Commander and the Dean at the restaurant when Nick finds out Ronnie was right, was so great. "To quote my father's favorite movie hero, Cool Hand Luke, calling it your job don't make it right boss!". I love the looks on Nicks face, so great! Then Sam accidentally eats frosting that has peanuts in it and crashes his bike in the street, I know he is going to be fine, they wouldn't kill off a main character so early on, but I still worry he will be fine. Exciting episode!moreless
  • Huge improvement.

    Just like the writers promised, the show is turning into a very interesting and complicated show. I really like it with every new episode.

    Although it felt weird, I'm glad that The Commander is dating Leslie. Things are definitely getting complicated, and I can't wait to see how this will develop. Same thing with Pizza Girl and Phil. They really enjoyed each other in this episode, but what will happen once she realizes that he really will never leave the house? If this develops into a huge love, he may even be ready to leave the house for her.

    Eddie and Janet? I definitely knew Eddie wouldn't go through with it. Good drama there. And I'm at Janet's side. Eddie needs to settle down finally. And Janet is an amazing person.

    Most people don't like it, but I enjoy watching Aubrey and Nick together. Sure, Nick and Hannah are soul mates, but I love Aubrey, and this might turn into quite an interesting turn of events. On the other side, Ikey and Alison are quite boring. And Ray is doing the same thing he did from the beginning, but he shows quite a lot of promise for the future.

    I definitely didn't expect the ending, so I was quite surprised and taken away. I can't wait to see the next episode. It's going to be drama, drama, drama.moreless
  • Lovely show!

    Could it be that Sam has some kind of intuitive feeling about Nick being his father? He seems really attached to him, although he has no idea... but just a thought...

    Let's see. I like that Nick's dad is dating Dean Etwood! And when Nick figured out that booking him for the lecture was all just a way to get him to come back home for a while - great! It's an interesting side to the Dean, I thought she was this rather distant woman. I guess I still see her too much as Mrs. Palmer in 24 ;-)

    I'm glad that Aubrey and Nick are together now and I hope it stays that way. It's not that I wouldn't want him to be with Hannah, but I think it's too early!

    I'm so sorry about Sam's accident, but from what I see in the promos he's gonna be alright and it'll bring Nick and Hannah closer and maybe she'll admit that he really is Sam's father. Cause I truly believe that!

    What else... hm, Physical Phil and Pizza girl: so cute! I really hope she'll get him to face his fear, maybe talk to someone about it and in the end leave the house! He can't be happy with this...

    I'm very disappointed that Eddie stood Janet up, but I kinda knew that he wouldn't show. He's so afraid to get out of that pattern he's established for himself. I think he's really scared to truly committing to someone. I don't know if possibly that also is a result from Nick leaving him behind. Don't know...

    Anyway, this episode was really great and had so much development (shame on you, Ikey and Alison... just btw), so I just had to write this much. Can't wait to see how it goes on and then comes the big season (hopefully not series) finale!!moreless
  • Sam does some spy work for his mom and Janet.

    Once again October Road delevers a great episode. I thought that it was really mean of Eddie to invite Janet to a bbq then not evan pick her up for it just because someone told him that he belongs with a certain type of women. I thought that it was really nice of Sam to go to the bbq to see if Eddie was there but i was really scared to see him get cake shoved in his face to find out that it has nuts in it. It was really good to see Nicks dad on a date but with his boos it was sort of funny. The best part of the episode was when Ronnie found out and his reaction to it.moreless
Bryan Greenberg

Bryan Greenberg

Nick Garrett

Laura Prepon

Laura Prepon

Hannah Daniels

Warren Christie

Warren Christie

Ray 'Big Cat' Cataldo

Brad William Henke

Brad William Henke

Owen Rowan

Evan Jones

Evan Jones

David 'Ikey' Eichman

Jay Paulson

Jay Paulson

Phillip 'Physical Phil' Farmer

Judy Leavell

Judy Leavell

Mrs. Eichorn

Guest Star

Jonathan Murphy

Jonathan Murphy

Ronnie Garrett

Recurring Role

Rebecca Field

Rebecca Field

Janet Meadows

Recurring Role

Elizabeth Bogush

Elizabeth Bogush

Alison Rowan

Recurring Role

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  • QUOTES (4)

    • Sam: Interesting.
      Eddie: What?
      Sam: Or maybe disappointing is more like it.
      Eddie: Your mom here?
      Sam: No, she couldn't make it. She's too busy convincing the nicest person in all of Knights Ridge that you're not as bad as you seem right now.
      Eddie: You're a little out of your station here Sam, don't you think?
      Sam: Why didn't you bring her? 'fraid of getting teased?
      Eddie: It's a tough lesson about getting older Sam, but everyone has a role in the big picture. If somebody stops serving that role, then, the whole thing crumbles.
      Sam: So what's your role.
      Eddie: To date a…certain kind of girl…the really beautiful kind
      Sam: You know when horses make poop? My grandmother calls it pucky.
      Eddie: So?
      Sam: Everything you've just said, I'm pretty sure is horse pucky. And Janet? I think she is beautiful kind.

    • Ronnie: Dad?
      The Commander: Ronnie... hey. Ahh...
      Ronnie: Who are you?
      The Commander: Now, I, I know you've had your suspicions and I should have done this a lot sooner, but…this is Leslie.
      Dean Leslie: It is so nice to meet you Ronnie.
      Ronnie: What's going on?
      The Commander: Ronnie... Leslie's my girlfriend.
      (Ronnie looks at Leslie in disbelief)
      The Commander: Ronnie... Ronnie, please.
      (Ronnie hugs Leslie)
      Ronnie: Thank you, he's been so lonely. Thank you very much.

    • Ronnie: We gotta talk bro.
      Nick: About what?
      Ronnie: About the Commander.
      Nick: What about him?
      Ronnie: I think he's dating?
      Nick: What?! Dating? Like, woman?

    • Aubrey: I can't tell you how much I liked kissing you at Pumpkin Fest.
      Nick: I can't tell you how much I liked being kissed by you at Pumpkin Fest.
      Aubrey: I think we should do it again sometime.
      Nick: I think so too.
      Aubrey: Well, I'm free in four seconds.
      (Dean Leslie Etwood walks in just as Nick and Aubrey are about to kiss)
      Dean Leslie Etwood: College employees should be honest in carrying out their duties, and avoid conflicts between their private interests and their professional responsibilities. All this in a groovy little tome called the "Dufrain College Teacher Code of Conduct". Allow me to boil it down to its basic bits. Your chances of survival here are determined by which is more important to you; your class or... the lass.

  • NOTES (1)

    • Featured Music:
      "With Your Love" by Jefferson Starship
      "That's The Way (I'm Only Trying to Help You)" by Culture Club
      "Name" by the Goo Goo Dolls
      "Waiting for Now" by Bryan Greenberg
      "I Got Mine" by No Big Fish
      "Hey Sandman" by Los Federales
      "Losing Ground" by Engine
      "O Sole Mio" by Eduardo Di Capua
      "Plans" by Josh Kramon
      "Just One Night With You" by Robert J. Walsh


    • Episode Title: "Secrets and Guys"
      The episode title is a play on words to the 1996 movie "Secrets & Lies" starring Timothy Spall and Phyllis Logan.