October Road

Season 2 Episode 12

The Fine Art of Surfacing

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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    A very eventful October Road tonight and it let us know this show can still deliver a powerful episode, it makes me sad, that they deliver this kind of episode this late in the game (the penultimate episode of the entire series), but it was still a very enjoyable episode regardless. Things are coming full circle with Nick having to leave the Ridge again, and Nick's father getting bone marrow cancer just like their mom did, before her untimely death.

    Aubrey has become a side character, and I really think she deserved more screen time tonight, my only prediction is that Nick will tell her he's leaving, and they will end up breaking up, and Nick will develop feelings for Hannah again, but that's just my two cents. Janet has become the most unlikable character on October Road, she's worst than Ikey.

    She spends the entire series harping on Eddie Latekka, and when she sees him kiss his ex, she decides to sleep with Rooster? Talk about annoying. Hannah getting arrested was quite humorous and the cold opening was hysterical. I felt bad for Eddie in the end, nice to know Ikey is still around to help him out. Superb episode tonight, hopefully the finale is better.
  • Rory, an ex-girlfriend of Eddie comes back into town and stirs up trouble. The Commander finds out he has bone marrow cancer and must tell his boys and Nick gets a job offer to leave town.

    This was a great start to the 2-part finale. I was so upset that Eddie just didn't tell Janet about Rory being in town and coming to visit him and that he didn't tell Rory he was dating Janet. I think this led to the kiss which Janet saw which then led her to cheat on Eddie with Rooster, although I can't imagine why she would do this, so gross. Eddie then gets the crap beat out of him and I was so glad Ikey tried to stop and came to Eddie's rescue, he is such good guy. I know this sounds bad, but I laughed when the Commander told his boys about his cancer. I wasn't laughing at the fact that he had cancer, just how he told them. I cried later when Ronnie was telling Nick he didn't want to be an orphan and you can see the pain in Nick's face, all he does is grab Ronnie's hand, but it says so much and made me cry. After this Nick decides to leave town to go on the tour with U2, which made me angry, how could he even think of leaving his father while he is fighting cancer! I think that this was one of the most explosive and exciting episodes ever, there was so much left to chance with this episode. Great writing!
  • What goes on? A pretty good build-up to the upcoming season finale

    Eddie and Janet: Everyone knows these two have been tight for a long while now, so will anything really stand in their way? Well, how about the arrival of the only girl to ever dump the Eddie Lateka aka, his high school sweetheart. Janet is being put on the spot when everyone in town is just waiting for Eddie to hook-up with his newly divorced ex-girlfriend. I don't like that they're trying to break down Eddie and Janet, it's just not believable because there are no other characters on the show that are more faithful than these two, at least the new Eddie or did this episode prove me wrong?

    Nick: He starts getting calls from his old agent, giving him an offer of a lifetime. It seems highly unlikely that Nick will jump at the opportunity to leave town given the fact that he has built a good relationship with everyone again, but with Hannah and Big Cat getting married soon, anything could just happen right? I like that they're ending the season with the possibility that Nick could be doing exactly what he did 10 years ago, hopefully he doesn't commit the same mistake though.
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    You can certainly see how this could be finale type of material - but this episode actually sets up the finale, which I find a little odd. The ending scenes provided us with something to ponder over a what would have been off season, but instead we get it all now and then one episode to reflect on these actions. Very interesting. Moments from 3-4 episodes ago all seem to come back at once, which is odd to me. Christine files charges against Hannah for assualting her and it all seems like everything was a part of her masterful plan to try and get full custody of the kids. The guy who Eddie sucker punched a couple of episodes back is back for blood now and he takes Eddie out in a 3 on 1 that almost featured Eddie getting the best of all three guys. Ikey comes to the rescue, but it looks like Eddie got a piece of glass into his chest, which brings about the interesting characteristic of if he is going to die on the show or not. Nick seems intense on going on this U2 tour, which provided a lot of well written writing for this episode. The man who plays his agent did a very good job for a man who is likely to only be around for the finale. Jannet hooks up with Rooster as Eddie is assualted. The final music scene just screamed with Irony. I have never really connected with the Commander and find the scenes with him in it to be a little slow and off the pace of the rest of our gang. Overall, solid set up episode though it may have functioned better as a finale.
  • Fine example of how this series is the greatest. Awesome music and great actors.

    I really enjoyed watching the show last night. I'm so sad that the season is over. Everything went exactly as expected, except that I didn't like when Janet slept with Rooster. I didn't think that it was necessary and I didn't like how Eddie treated her. I'm not saying he didn't have the right to, but he's cheated before. I'm glad Nick's brother came clean about how he feels towards Aubrey. I never expected her to kiss him. The writers are doing well not to give any hints about Sam's real father this season. I hope Nick's father doesn't get sick on the show - nobody wants to watch that. Anyway, I can't wait until next season. I hope they are not going to cut the show. The kids that played Nick, Owen, Ikey and Phil in last weeks episode did a good job.
  • OCTOBER ROAD is AWESOME! If you haven't seen it, what's taking you so long?

    This show is just awesome and especially this episode. Can't wait to see what's coming! I just absolutely love the music, and after the show I visit the web site to write down the songs in the episode. The characters are plentiful which helps keep the show exciting. I can especially sympathize with the character, Janet, and hope all ends well with her and Ed. I get so frustrated when all the great, clean, but entertaining shows get cancelled. Please return with fabulous new episodes. I know many people who love October Road, and it's personally extra special for me in that it takes place in Massachusetts. Thank you for it!
  • One of the best episodes

    I absolutely enjoyed tonights episode. I think this is one of the better shows on tv today. Tonights episode really kept me guessing, and I was surprised at how things actually played out. I would like to see things worked out between Eddie and Janet, and definitely upset about the betrayal by Ray. I had a feeling something was developing between Aubrey and Nick's bother Ronnie, but I haven't been keeping up with the show like I should. I honestly hope this show is here to stay. The show is well written, it's not one of those drama 24/7 types.