October Road

Season 2 Episode 12

The Fine Art of Surfacing

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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    You can certainly see how this could be finale type of material - but this episode actually sets up the finale, which I find a little odd. The ending scenes provided us with something to ponder over a what would have been off season, but instead we get it all now and then one episode to reflect on these actions. Very interesting. Moments from 3-4 episodes ago all seem to come back at once, which is odd to me. Christine files charges against Hannah for assualting her and it all seems like everything was a part of her masterful plan to try and get full custody of the kids. The guy who Eddie sucker punched a couple of episodes back is back for blood now and he takes Eddie out in a 3 on 1 that almost featured Eddie getting the best of all three guys. Ikey comes to the rescue, but it looks like Eddie got a piece of glass into his chest, which brings about the interesting characteristic of if he is going to die on the show or not. Nick seems intense on going on this U2 tour, which provided a lot of well written writing for this episode. The man who plays his agent did a very good job for a man who is likely to only be around for the finale. Jannet hooks up with Rooster as Eddie is assualted. The final music scene just screamed with Irony. I have never really connected with the Commander and find the scenes with him in it to be a little slow and off the pace of the rest of our gang. Overall, solid set up episode though it may have functioned better as a finale.