October Road

Season 2 Episode 12

The Fine Art of Surfacing

Aired Unknown Mar 10, 2008 on ABC

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  • Rory, an ex-girlfriend of Eddie comes back into town and stirs up trouble. The Commander finds out he has bone marrow cancer and must tell his boys and Nick gets a job offer to leave town.

    This was a great start to the 2-part finale. I was so upset that Eddie just didn't tell Janet about Rory being in town and coming to visit him and that he didn't tell Rory he was dating Janet. I think this led to the kiss which Janet saw which then led her to cheat on Eddie with Rooster, although I can't imagine why she would do this, so gross. Eddie then gets the crap beat out of him and I was so glad Ikey tried to stop and came to Eddie's rescue, he is such good guy. I know this sounds bad, but I laughed when the Commander told his boys about his cancer. I wasn't laughing at the fact that he had cancer, just how he told them. I cried later when Ronnie was telling Nick he didn't want to be an orphan and you can see the pain in Nick's face, all he does is grab Ronnie's hand, but it says so much and made me cry. After this Nick decides to leave town to go on the tour with U2, which made me angry, how could he even think of leaving his father while he is fighting cancer! I think that this was one of the most explosive and exciting episodes ever, there was so much left to chance with this episode. Great writing!
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