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  • Season 1
    • 3/2/13
      Today Edgar shares a walking work of art who has created one identity from two souls, a collecting couple whose passion for each other can only be measured in volts and a macabre yet romantic young woman who introduces bone articulation into her love life
    • 2/23/13
      Edgar shares a couple whose Victorian passion is fueled by the steam of sci-fi, a virtuoso who is comforted more by the occult pieces he crafts than the notes he produces and a man who satisfies his primal nature by sewing up his animal instincts.
    • 2/16/13
      Today, Edgar shares: a mysterious director who puts the sin into cinematography; a quirky clan with an insatiable appetite for bizarre golden-aged goodies; and a devilish master of disguise who prefers life behind a veil to facing it in his own skin.
    • 2/9/13
      Edgar shares an eccentric fellow who has let the skeletons out of his closet and into his abode, a precious lady who harvests highways for her reanimating pleasure and a man whose bizarre obsession with a dead inventor conjures harmonies from the past.
    • 11/22/12
      Today, Edgar shares: a couple whose love for one another is second only to their love of deathly danger, a beguiling lady who preserves pieces of her friends & family in a most peculiar way and a man who lives to surround himself with the ending of life.
    • 11/22/12
      Today, Edgar shares: a model mortician who stitches clothing the same way she stitches dead skin; an artist who shuns paint in favor of a medium he'd simply die without; and a curious woman who collects sculptures from the bowels of her pet.