Odd Job Jack

Season 2 Episode 3

Iron Temp

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Aug 06, 2005 on The Comedy Network

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  • Jack is exchanged with Toshi, a Japanese Temp Superstar, as part of an elaborate game show to see who will triumph in a series of Odd Jobs designed to test the very limits of their skills and judged by a celebrity panel including Megan Follows.

    Nothing, I repeat, nothing is more bizarre and entertaining than Japanese culture - unless of course it's Japanese culture characterized and animated without any regard for diplomacy or decency. Out of every Odd Job Jack episode out there, this has remained one of the funniest to watch and to have animated (particular attention should be paid to the rampaging monster known as Oddzilla, who has the kind of design animators will make indecent proposals to their Supervisors to work with).
    A gory rumble with schoolgirls over 'Hello Pussy' dolls, copious drug use, horribly bloody violence, and gratuitous oral sex scenes with a celebrated Canadian actress all make the seizures worthwhile.