Odd Job Jack

Season 4 Episode 2

Jack Ryder: Mindhumper

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jul 29, 2007 on The Comedy Network

Episode Recap

Jack goes into the Odd Jobs office and finds his case worker is Parjay, who is calling from a call support center in India. Jack is told his new job is to be magician assistant.

Jack blogs that 9.5 out of 10 people say there is no mystery left in the world even as a unicorn, elves and a sorcerer can be seen in the background.

On a stage, the magician Astoundo performs before a very small audience. After the performance ends, Jack introduces himself as Astoundo's new assistant and makes suggestions to spice up Astoundo's act. Astoundo, though, dismisses the suggestions and says he has a special performance in front of network executives the following day and hopes to secure his own television special afterwards. Astoundo goes on to say that on the special, he could perform his greatest trick of having four horses pull on his arms and legs at the same time though it is ponies in his vision and disappears and reappears on a pony.

Jack goes to Leo's place and tells Leo and Bobby about his new job but the guys are busy trying to determine what a magic talisman Bobby got from a gypsy who said it will help him walk in someone else's shoes. Bobby and Leo both grab the talisman at one point and their minds switch bodies at that moment. Jack leaves as Bobby and Leo rejoice being in the other's body.

With executives in the audience, Astoundo prepares to perform and orders Jack to get the Murder Box ready for the act. Jack envisions the sawing in half trick as being more elaborate and mind blowing if it was done his way.

Astoundo starts to perform his sawing a woman in half trick but winds up actually cutting into the woman with blood spurting everywhere as Jack didn't prepare the box as requested. Astoundo is arrested by the police and Jack figures he is out of a job. Network executives nearby say Astoundo was a bad magician but they liked the violence of the disastrous act and hope they can find someone who can do this kind of over the top act and Jack decides to go for such an act.

Dressed in a black outfit with white make-up, Jack performs stunts for people watching such as setting himself on fire while playing a double guitar and dousing himself with a fire extinguisher that appears to disintegrate Jack before he reappears in the crowd.

Astoundo is led to his prison cell as other prisoners taunt him without mercy.

Leo and Bobby marvel at being in each other's body with Leo heading outside in Bobby's body to enjoy fresh air. Meanwhile, Bobby, in Leo's body, enjoys playing basketball with Leo's extra height and long arms making a difference. Leo, in Bobby's body, goes to Bobby's family store where he lights a cigarette before stealing cigarettes and cash and telling off Bobby's overbearing relatives before leaving. Bobby, in Leo's body, walks down a sidewalk but soon finds himself running from a mob looking to capture Leo for the sizable reward offered by the police for various transgressions by Leo in the past.

On 'Jack Ryder Mindhumper', Jack performs a stunt where he is blindfolded, drunk, starving, naked except for underwear and a pair of cast iron boots that are covered in cement and he hurls himself off the edge of a cliff. As people look over the edge for him, Jack appears in the sky carried by a giant buzzard playing a double guitar. In another stunt, Jack dunks his head in a bucket of acid and emerges headless with his head delivered in a box moments later intact and talking.

Bobby and Leo are at Leo's place and they start to quarrel about the hassles inhabiting each other's body. In a bizarre fight, they start beating on themselves to make the other feel bad.

At Edgecore TV, Jack asks the network execs to have a primetime two hour special as he's tired of being shown at three thirty am. The executives hesitate but after Jack shows his determination by taking out a chainsaw and cutting off a leg, they agree to give him a special.

On an Edgecore TV talk show, the woman Astoundo cut into during his botched act talks and Jack Ryder is the following guest talking about his upcoming special. Watching on a prison television, Astoundo is angered by the news and when he hears Jack talking about a stunt where he is tied to four monster trucks pulling in opposite directions, Astoundo declares Jack has stolen his act. Astoundo breaks out of prison with handkerchiefs tied into a rope and vows to stop Jack.

Ten minutes before the special, the crew member urge Jack to test things before doing the stunt but Jack fires every crew member suggests this. After a montage of Jack doing a number of deadly stunts plays, Jack is shown lying down and tied with steel cables to the monster trucks as he promises viewers a mind blowing stunt.

Leo and Bobby grab the talisman once again and their minds go back to the correct bodies.

Citing the fact that he's starving, had three pints of blood extracted from his neck and his mother is tied to stakes in a valley of snakes, Jack promises this stunt is one not to be missed.

After several stops to change a tire and other delays, Astoundo arrives at the site of Jack's stunt and forces Jack by gunpoint to untie himself from the trucks. Astoundo is tempted to kill Astoundo but decides to perform the trick Jack himself and show Jack how it is done. However, the trucks rip Astoundo's arms and legs away when the pull away and the magician is returned to prison by the police. Edgecore execs fire Jack for showing fear, which violates his contract.

Jack notes that Bobby and Leo try to pitch what happened to them as new show to Edgecore but are turned down only to see something very similar televised shortly thereafter. At Odd Jobs, Parjay berates Jack over the phone by his ineptness and says he is hanging up for the first time ever.