Odd Job Jack

Season 2 Episode 2

Lord of the 3-Ring Binder

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jul 30, 2005 on The Comedy Network

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  • Jack, in an incredibly rare application of his education, becomes a Teaching Assistant to Sociology Professor Randolf the Tweed and embarks on an epic quest to bring the 'Nawledge' of the Liberal Arts out from under the oppressive darkness of the Science

    Though this shameless homage to a certain fantasy series has it's moments (one recalls vast battle scenes and a moodily lit abandoned library that ravaged animators time and computer processing power) the real shining pinnacle occurs as Leo convinces Bobby to enroll as a student so he may live vicariously through his experiences - that's right kids, not only do we see these fellows in their underoos, but there exists a scene where vigorous spanking is taking place as part of a hazing ritual.
    Panty raids, librarian trolls, buxom maidens and the forces of good triumphing over evil with a well placed kung-fu kick to the groin.