Odd Job Jack

Season 4 Episode 9

Master of Temps

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Sep 16, 2007 on The Comedy Network

Episode Recap

Jack heads into Odd Jobs for his latest work assignment and is greeted by Steve, the senior career counselor. To Jack's surprise, he is assigned to be a career counselor though he was warned by Steve that this will mean he deals with morons and whackos. Their conversation is interrupted by Mister Fister, who is evesdropping electronically and complains about a cold he is suffering from.

Jack settles into his office and Steve introduces him to Trish, a flirty counselor, and Simon, a counselor who speaks in very low tones and turns beet red when spoken to. Jack is told that Thelonius, Mister Fister's son, works in an office at the end of the hall and with the photocopier running, Steve whispers to Jack that Thelonius is a jerkoff and you have be careful what you say around him. Jack is shown the job file room with the files sorted by job quality from A to D and figures all his past jobs came from the D pile. Steve gets Jack to assign the D file jobs to waiting clients.

At the Big Fat store, Bobby wearies of being bossed around by his father, grandfather and great grandfather and when his request for a raise is met with derision, Bobby quits his job and sets out to find a better paying line of work.

Back at Odd Jobs, Jack sees the large number of clients waiting to see him and decides to save time by tossing the files on the floor ad letting them fight over the available jobs. With the clients assigned jobs, Jack uses his free time to make paper airplanes and one of them winds up in Thelonius' office. Thelonius, who is practicing his golf swing, asks Jack to join him in perfecting his swing.

Elsewhere, Bobby shows his resume to a lawyer and a school janitor but is turned down for a job at both places. Disheveled, Bobby resorts to pitching his resume to a blood donor clinic and is told he should try finding work as a DJ.

At the golf course, Thelonius grumbles over another wayward swing and calls his father to make a deal that if he improves things around Odd Jobs, his father will get him a swing cooach. With that in mind, Thelonius asks Jack how he manged to have so much free time. Jack lies and says that he took what people loved to do and matched that to an available job that Odd Job currently can allocate. Thelonius says that motto will be the new way of doing things at Odd Jobs.

Later, at Odd Jobs, the counselors are not impressed with the new motto and the fact that Jack is now the super senior career counselor. Jack enters and openly revels in his new position as Trish flirts with him and Jack tells the counselors they are getting the whacko clients while he is out on the golf course.

Elsewhere, Bobby is staying at a rundown hostel and finding few opportunities in the local paper. After winding up in a dumpter courtesy of a pair of Germans, Bobby spots the Odd Jobs building and decides to get a job there.

At Odd Jobs, Jack screens a film showing the counselors how to do work using "The Jack Ryder System". The counselors openly argue with Jack and after Jack closes the meeting, the counselors resolve to use Jack's own motto to sabotage him.

A short time later, Bobby meets with Steve and Steve agrees to give him a job in music as an assistant sound guy (though the flier also warns ear damage is probable with the job). Elsewhere in Odd Job, Thelonius tells Jack that he and his father will be touring the various places Odd Jobs assigns people and Jack reassures him that he'll make sure everything will be ok. However, Jack discovers that the counselors assigned a necrophiliac to work in a mortuary, a pyromaniac in a mtach factory and an animal lover in a bull fight.

Jack races to stay ahead of the Fisters and keep their tour from being a disaster. Meanwhile, Bobby arrives at the site for the Doppler and the Flange Gang concert and tries to get directions from the musicians but the musicians all have hearing problems and don't understand him.

Meanewhile, Jack arrives at the mortuary, knocks out the necrophilac and poses as the worker when the Fisters visit. Jack journeys to the match stick factory, knocks out the pyomaniac with a blast of water and makes it look like the pyromaniac is awake and active when the Fisters arrive. Just as Jack leaves the factory to go to the bullfight, however, the building erupts in a giant explosion.

The Fisters arrive at a pharmacy and find the worker, who is a drug addict, standing there calmly but are unaware that Jack is secretly propping the man up from behind the counter.

Back at the concert, Bobby is told he needs ear protection as the musicians like things loud but is told there are no spare protective head sets.

Elsewhere, Jack finishes fighting the bull in place of the animal lover and land bleeding literally at the feet of the Fisters. The Fisters mention they have only a sound technician left to visit on their tour and Jack realizes Bobby is risking damaging his hearing in the job.

At the concert, Jack struggles through crowd and puts earplugs in Bobby's ears just as the volume is cranked up but Jack has his hearing damaged as a result.

Afterwards, Bobby returns to the Big Fat store and the usual derision and Jack tells Felonius that he has to leave career counseling even as Felonius offers him better pay and perks that Jack can't hear. Jack is assigned his next job by the resentful counselors is which is miking a bull.
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