Odd Job Jack

Season 4 Episode 1

No One Likes a Gorilla!

Aired Saturday 9:30 PM Jul 22, 2007 on The Comedy Network

Episode Recap

Jack talks with his latest career counselor, a woman recently paroled from prison. Jack is told by the woman of how a riot at the prison she was in turned into an orgy very quickly before he is given his next job of being a corporate mascot.

After Jack blogs that the guys who wear company mascot costumes are the small part of the population unhappy with their jobs, he goes to work as a mascot for a mattress store where he meets the store owner Dario and see a smelly gorilla costume that he will be wearing.

At Leo's, Jack's grandmother looks to buys a box of remote control toys Leo has for outside chores but Leo refuses to sell them. Undaunted, the woman steals the box and leaves quietly when Leo goes to use the washroom.

Outside a number of stores, mascots greet people passing them but Jack is being kicked by a group of kids, yelled at by Dario and dealing with fleas that have infested his gorilla costume. Suddenly, Jack is forced to deal with a belligerent man wearing a dragon costume in front of the Leather Emporium store.

At the Ryder home, Jack's grandmother is trying to figure out how to operate the remote control toys and her daughter advises her against messing with technology.

Back at the mattress store, Jack sees a mobile unit parked across the street advertising vacation destinations with a bikini clad model as its mascot. Jack falls for the model but finds she can't hear him through the glass and he is unable to remove the gorilla costume to show her what he really looks like. Encouraged by the model, Jack gets into a brawl with the other mascots and is beaten soundly. Jack tries once again to remove the gorilla costume he is wearing but winds up breaking the zipper.

The next day, back at the Ryder home, Grandma has managed to get her toys to do everything for her even as Jack continues to complain about the fleas in his costume. Jack finds he has trouble eating with the costume on and is starting to act like a gorilla in fact.

At the mattress store, Dario tells Jack to hand out flyers for a store sale. Jack sees the bikini wearing model once again but is told he has no chance by the Leather Emporium mascot. Jack ties the mascot to a toe truck that speeds away, to the approval of the bikini woman. Jack sees the first sign the woman likes him but Dario literally chains him to the store and act even dumber.

Meanwhile, back at the Ryder home, Grandma revels in having the remote control toys doing practically everything for her and dismisses her daughter's claims that she has to stop her reliance on the toys.

At the mattress store, Jack is kicked repeatedly Dario and snaps when Dario threatens to have the vacation unit, with the bikini woman, towed out of the way. Jack breaks loose from his chain, knocks out Dario and all the mascots in the area, smashes into the vacation promotion unit and runs off holding the bikini clad woman in his arms.

The local news reports of the "wild gorilla named Jack rampage" and Jack's mother gets Grandma to send her toys after Jack. The police try to calm Jack down with a banana but he takes the banana and starts climbing up stairways to a billboard. As toy airplanes start shooting at Jack, he tries to get a date with the woman and starts by getting her to scratch his fur. Grandma sends a remote controlled missile at Jack and he falls off the scaffold with his gorilla costume burning away and Jack landing on a pile of mattresses. However, the woman, seeing what Jack really looks like, wants nothing to do with him, Dario's sale went well and Grandma is forced to give up her toys. Jack winds up in traction for numerous broken bones and the bikini woman goes to the beach with the dragon costume wearing man.

Some time afterwards, Jack goes to Odd Jobs and finds his career counselor escaping through a hole in an office wall concealed by a poster and talking of needing another riot/orgy.